Home brewing store highlights latest expansion

The next chapter in the young life of Peninsula BevCo is underway, highlighted by an owner’s love of brewing beer and his willingness to share such ambitions with his community.

While beer can be an acquired taste for some, the brewing of such drinks takes another level of dedication by itself. CEO of Peninsula BevCo, Cody Morgan, found himself in love with the whole ordeal, recalling his first brewing experiences and classes at the age of 21. “I had been going to the local homebrew store (Olympic Brewing Supplies), which is in Bremerton, and they taught me how to brew beer, which is how this whole restaurant thing started in the first place.”

The years passed, and Olympic continued to be the only local brewing supplies shop in the greater Kitsap area. That was until Peninsula Homebrew joined the well-established bottle shop and restaurant in Port Orchard, opening its doors Dec. 3. The store is well stocked with brewing equipment and ingredients for brewing not just beer, but ciders, wines, seltzers and more. The selection extends past alcoholic beverages, such as coffee, kombucha and soda.

It was a proud day for Morgan, who in his five years with the company had strived to create a safe learning space for both veteran brewers and those interested in the craft. So far, he said crowds have stopped by and are increasing each week. “A lot of experienced brewers have come in here to check us out, but a lot of people making their first batches as well, especially around the holidays,” he said.

For new brewers, Morgan understands the large investment that can go into the brewing hobby. He said the price tag should not turn away anyone’s interest, which is why he offers rental equipment at a low rate. As the number of operating hours increases, he said he also plans to offer a regular schedule of classes.

“This is me kind of going back to the roots and sharing this with the community,” he said. “My dream was always to have a brewery that had the community making the beer; the community being involved with what is produced.”

That dream of a brewery is still real to Morgan, who hinted the store is another step in Peninsula BevCo producing its own beer. When that happens, brewing enthusiasts could become involved in his dream, even creating their own breweries.

“I always wanted my beer to be on tap. I haven’t got there yet, but a lot of our brewers that come in that are more experienced, their dreams are to be able to have a commercial brewery. Maybe this could be a step toward that for them.”