BI firm expands adoption platform

PairTree, a Bainbridge Island-based adoption platform using technology and data to increase and accelerate connections between biological mothers and adoptive families, announced the launch of an industry-leading platform Oct. 13.

The new mobile experience is available for free download via iOS and Android.

The adoption platform provides direct access at the fingertips of adopting families and expectant moms to all the services needed to navigate domestic private adoption– home study approval, matching, legal referrals and support — increasing compatibility, reducing burdensome fees, ending discriminatory practices, modernizing the analog processes, increasing safety and boosting accessibility.

Today’s expecting mothers and adopting families have grown up with the internet, social media and online dating, and they prefer to make an initial connection online before meeting in person, said Erin Quick of Bainbridge Island, CEO and founder of PairTree. “In a post-Roe world — we want to make sure that expecting women have the most control over their adoption journey,” she said.

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