An adventure in eyewear

Formerly mobile, Go-Girl settles in on 9th Avenue

POULSBO — Lisa Fritzer’s shirt says it all: “Life is short, wear cool glasses.”

Her Go-Girl Eyewear, formerly a mobile optical boutique, has now settled into a permanent location at 18777 9th Ave. NE, Suite 6, Poulsbo.

Fritzer launched her mobile optical boutique on Dec. 3, 2016. “I’ve always wanted to have my own brick and mortar [site],” she said. “This is far more accessible for the client. I do a better job having the frames out where I can see them.”

Frames of unique designs — roughly 350 of them — line the walls. The styles are a mix of modern and classic, and are described by Fritzer as “outside the box” in size and shape. A pair of partially rimless frames made of titanium and Mazzucchelli bioplastic helps make her point.

Quarterly, Fritzer updates her products. She’s just refreshed for the summer and is expecting another shipment of inventory in next week.

“We’re like ‘Eyes on Fremont’ of Kitsap,” she said, referring to the noted independent eyewear company in Seattle. “We have a color, shape and variety you won’t see in a typical dispensary.”

A licensed optician since 2006, Fritzer said she has nearly 20 years’ experience “looking at faces”; she describes her personal styling technique as “somewhat intuitive.”

“I look for the right shape and color combination to help push people out of their comfort zones,” she said. “Your glasses are your most necessary accessory. The goal is to draw attention to the person and have their glasses complement perfectly.”

To do that, Fritzer consults with her clients, asking them questions to get to know their style.

“I ask about their career, hobbies, interests and how they see themselves,” she said.

She then returns with a handful of frames ranging in color, size and style. That’s where the fun really begins.

“I won’t let you look in the mirror unless I know they’re good first,” she said. “I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed by too many choices.”

With prices ranging from closeouts to $500, there seems to be options for everybody.

“If you’re a person whose esteem is boosted by flattering compliments daily, let Lisa at Go-Girl Eyewear style you in the perfect frames,” Stephanie Kirk, a client of Go-Girl Eyewear, wrote on Fritzer’s website. “I say it’s her Super Power!” (Go-Girl Eyewear is a finalist for Best Vision Center in the annual Best of North Kitsap survey; results wil be posted Aug. 25.)

Go-Girl Eyewear is having a sunglasses sale through the end of August. Brands such as WOOW are $50 off and Ray Bans are $25 off. Fritzer will host a customer appreciation day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sept. 2, featuring specials, prizes and more.

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— Sophie Bonomi is a reporter for Kitsap News Group. Contact her at

An adventure in eyewear
An adventure in eyewear
An adventure in eyewear