Would-be holiday romantics have plenty of gift expectations | Valentine’s Day

By Bob Smith

Kitsap News Group

PORT ORCHARD — Valentine’s Day is all about matters of the heart and nothing about dry statistics. But two popular websites have offered up some interesting facts and figures about the holiday of romance — and the people who celebrate it.

Wallethub.com shared some fun statistics about Valentine’s Day and the spending habits of participating romantics. The website estimates that $18.2 billion will be spent this year for gifts given on Feb. 14. And 18.7 percent of celebrants will spend $4.3 billion to buy jewelry. That’s followed by $2 billion spent by 34.7 percent who plan to buy flowers.

The site Offers.com estimates the average person will shell out $56 this year, which it says is an increase of 24 percent over the $45 spent in 2016. Men on average will spend $60.78 for gifts while women will shell out $47.83, or $13 less than men. But for those expecting to be surprised on Feb. 14, be forewarned: 38 percent of consumers say they won’t be spending any money — nada — this Valentine’s Day.

And where do those who will celebrate the holiday prefer to spend it? Nearly half, or 46.1 percent, say they want to spend it at home, while 29.1 percent would prefer a night out for dinner.

We all know about traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day like flowers, candy and chocolates. But the website polled people to find out what gift might get you sent to the doghouse. Men presenting their special one with a bottle of liquor might get the cold shoulder; it’s the least favorite gift of women. Men, by contrast, say lingerie is their least favorite gift (the survey doesn’t say who the eventual recipient of those garments might be).

The takeaway? Men most want a heartfelt card while women want jewelry. You might not believe this statistic by Wallethub.com: They say 53 percent of women would break up with their significant others if they receive nothing for Valentine’s Day.

So while the guy might be out the door by committing that faux pas, your pet instead might be in line for their own heart-shaped treat. Twenty percent of people say they will buy their pets a Valentine’s Day gift.

Love, it’s apparent, comes in all shapes and flavors.