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Police pursuit leads to one arrest, driver escapes in second stolen vehicle | Update

PORT ORCHARD — A second stolen vehicle has been found and one…

  • Jun 28th, 2017 5:37pm

Why is the new 4th Avenue walk gravel instead of cement?

And the answer is … well, read on

  • Jun 28th, 2017 7:09am

Bremerton vigil honors crew members of the USS Fitzgerald

Some offered prayers. Others spoke words of comfort for the sailors’ families.

  • Jun 27th, 2017 10:50am

Gate crasher arrested in Bremerton

Suspect driving stolen van crashes through Bremerton Police Department security gates

  • Jun 28th, 2017 5:38pm

Four new Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office employees to take oath of office

PORT ORCHARD — At 5:30 p.m. on June 26, Kitsap County Sheriff’s…

  • Jun 22nd, 2017 3:12pm

Construction begins June 24 on Fishline’s Comprehensive Services Center

Community celebration June 24

  • Jun 22nd, 2017 4:04pm

You won’t find a greeting card in stores

But this week belongs to the ‘Garbage Man’

  • Jun 22nd, 2017 4:12pm

‘Glorified goat trail’ gets gravelled

Crews leveling and widening dirt path on 4th Avenue NE

  • Jun 20th, 2017 2:58pm

Must-see film showcase June 21 at SEEFilm

2017 Olympic College Student Film event has something for everyone

  • Jun 21st, 2017 11:34am

Poulsbo fire commissioners honor local CPR heroes

POULSBO — This is a true story about how strangers can become…

  • Jun 16th, 2017 6:22am

Tall ships drop anchor in Kitsap ports

BROWNSVILLE — Late June 13, the schooner Mycia dropped hook at the…

  • Jun 16th, 2017 12:25pm

Sound West Group buying most of Sluys properties in downtown Poulsbo

Company plans improvements, but ‘we’re not going to knock down buildings’

  • Jun 14th, 2017 5:18pm

Progress on Kitsap tall ship celebrated, but more work remains

BROWNSVILLE — “Hip-hip-huzzah! Hip-hip-huzzah! Hip-hip-huzzah!” More than 40 people belted out the…

  • Jun 12th, 2017 1:16pm

Road crews and beavers busy working on Brownsville Highway

Road construction may be done by this weekend, solving the flooding problem will take longer

  • Jun 12th, 2017 1:21pm

‘They looked good and sounded better’

Final concert in OC’s old band room

  • Jun 11th, 2017 12:10pm

At Central Kitsap High School, a new beginning and the end of an era

New role for outgoing principal

  • Jun 12th, 2017 12:56pm

Last WWII minesweeper built on Bainbridge Island | Kitsap Weekly

The USS Hazard is on display in Omaha, Nebraska

  • Jun 9th, 2017 2:56pm

Newsletter offers a window into 1940s island life | Kitsap Weekly

Along with the contracts to build minesweepers in 1943 came money to…

  • Jun 9th, 2017 2:56pm

Minesweepers of steel | Kitsap Weekly

Kitsap’s other World War II shipyard — A Kitsap Goes to War feature

  • Jun 9th, 2017 2:56pm

Vinland Elementary fifth-grade class donates Little Free Library

POULSBO — On May 30, it was all about books at Vinland…

  • Jun 6th, 2017 8:49am

Can a pot store be located within 1,000 feet of a ballfield?

And the answer is … well, read on

  • Jun 1st, 2017 11:11am

Clam Island Rowing Junior Team wins first gold

SILVERDALE — The Clam Island Junior Rowing Team participated in the U.S.…

  • Jun 1st, 2017 12:42pm

Three upcoming changes in the state marijuana laws

OLYMPIA — The state Legislature approved Senate Bill 5131 revising state marijuana…

  • Jun 1st, 2017 2:05pm

Proposed cuts would gut Kitsap County affordable housing programs

BREMERTON — President Trump’s proposed budget completely ignores the homelessness and affordable…

  • Jun 3rd, 2017 10:25pm

More college students are coming. Where they’ll live is the question

POULSBO — Poulsbo will soon need more student housing. Lots more, if…

  • Jun 6th, 2017 2:29pm

Bubbles: A true story for children of all ages

Bubbles, a goldfish, had a tumor. Vince Costello and a fish doctor came to her rescue

  • May 27th, 2017 1:45pm

Veterans visit Poulsbo in style

POULSBO — The white Humvee stretch limo that pulled up in front…

  • May 30th, 2017 8:11am

Sweat and hard work may no longer be enough to own a home

Future of USDA housing program in doubt

  • Jun 3rd, 2017 10:25pm

Central Kitsap High School marching band continues 11-year tradition

Seventy-six band members marched down the country lane, with kids and dogs and curious folks following along right behind.

  • May 24th, 2017 2:41pm

Port of Illahee hopes to acquire abandoned property

ILLAHEE — The Port of Illahee is moving closer to acquiring the…

  • Jun 1st, 2017 12:43pm

Sons of Norway Viking Fest luncheon keeps it authentic

Annual Sons of Norway Lodge Viking Fest luncheon preserves traditional culture

  • May 22nd, 2017 6:16am

Viking Fest parade | Photo gallery

POULSBO — The 2017 Viking Fest parade on May 20 was a…

  • May 22nd, 2017 6:21am

Meet Poulsbo’s nine newest homeowners

Sweat and blisters were their down payments

  • May 19th, 2017 9:11am

Survivor of Motel 6 blast credits the gas meter, fire marshal and power of prayer

The explosion threw Larry Jennings 10 feet back and left him near death. But he survived.

  • May 20th, 2017 12:05pm

Sheriff deputies close one case, another is ongoing

KITSAP COUNTY — The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office closed one case, but…

  • Apr 28th, 2017 2:54pm

USCG investigating loss of local fishing vessel

POULSBO — The U.S. Coast Guard continues to investigate the disappearance of…

  • Apr 28th, 2017 10:01am

Sheriff deputies close one case, another is ongoing

KITSAP COUNTY — Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office detectives working the recent South…

  • Apr 27th, 2017 10:31am

Captain Shields’ ‘one-man war’ | Kitsap Goes to War

Part of our 12-month series

  • Jun 5th, 2017 11:35am

Building homes in which wounded warriors can rebuild their lives

BREMERTON — Their forever home in Bremerton won’t be completed until October.…

  • Apr 23rd, 2017 12:52pm

At Sandamar event, equestrians learn lessons for life

POULSBO — The April 15 Winter Schooling Show at Sandamar Farm was…

  • Apr 21st, 2017 10:20am