North Kitsap

NK teachers

"POULSBO - Nine months a year, Chad Gillespie is a teacher at North Kitsap High School. But when summer begins, Gillespie's work doesn't end; It merely changes locations. "

Suquamish woman murdered in home

"SUQUAMISH - Sometime between Thursday evening and Friday noon Barbara J. Sneed, 65, of Suquamish was stabbed to death in her Fern Street home. Kitsap County detectives are releasing few details about the crime until a suspect is found, said Mike Davis, chief of detectives with the Kitsap County Sheriff's office. "

Councilman Regis joins Mayoral race

"POULSBO - The phone has been ringing off the hook. People want another viable alternative, Poulsbo City Councilman Mike Regis said Monday of his decision to seek the the position of mayor. He plans to file at city hall next week, joining candidate Sherry Appleton and incumbent Mayor Donna Jean Bruce in the election race. "

Putting the pieces together again

"SUQUAMISH - The three-foot marble cross sitting atop Chief Seattle's monument is seamlessly repaired and fortified against another attack. Then the Suquamish community followed suit. In a rededication ceremony held Saturday morning at the Suquamish Chief's gravesite, about 100 people gathered to honor the man whose spirit continues to bring understanding between cultures. "

Peninsula Glen tenants again voicing concerns

POULSBO - Amy Gordon barbecues often. It isn't because summer has arrived and sunny days are prevalent. It's because the stove in her apartment is broken. The front of the door on the every-day appliance fell off four months ago. It's ventilation system is loosely connected with aging duct tape.

The big booms over Liberty Bay

"POULSBO - Like enormous magnets, sunny skies and the prospect of good times brought people from all over the nation to Little Norway Tuesday to celebrate on the eve of America's 225th birthday. A crowd of some 45,000 spectators made its way to Poulsbo's waterfront and the surrounding area to watch the sky over Liberty Bay explode with color. The Fireworks on the Fjord didn't disappoint but the finale was simply the topper on what many agree was a perfect day. "

Olympic College president gives notice of resignation

"POULSBO - It's as if the 'Perils of Pauline' are following the Olympic College campus project, Poulsbo City Councilman Ed Stern said just 24 hours after hearing that the biggest advocate for the Poulsbo branch, OC President Karl Jonietz, has announced his resignation. "

Property owners rally against 4(d) exemption

HANSVILLE - A standing room only crowd packed into the Hansville Community Center Thursday night to hear what the Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners called the truth about the proposed 4(d) exemption.

Having a voice in decisions matters

Having a voice in decisions matters

Taking fire protection seriously in Kitsap County

"POULSBO - They've been years in the making, but plans for a new Kitsap County Fire District 18 satellite station are finally off the back burner and getting some steady heat. The attention, according to proponents, is coming at just the right time because the region encompassed in the district is preparing for additional population and construction - both of which will need fire protection. "

Mosquito Fleet trial run nets 133 people

"POULSBO - After making it's departure from the Port of Poulsbo promptly at noon Tuesday, the water bus St. Nicholas did something that surprised even the veteran passengers of the Washington State Ferry system - it stopped, turned around and picked up three women who were running a tad late. "

Angeline project granted Suquamish Way access

"SUQUAMISH - One big bump in the road for a proposed Suquamish housing development near Angeline Avenue has been smoothed by gaining access through Suquamish way, county officials announced Thursday. Puget Sound Energy has agreed to allow vehicles to access the development by Suquamish Way. This would alleviate the traffic congestion residents feared the 22-home project would have caused on Angeline. This agreement is a great example of both parties thinking outside the box to reach a win-win solution, said Chris Endresen, Kitsap County Commissioner precinct one. "

Trawler Fest has arrived

POULSBO - The waters of Liberty Bay will be dotted with plenty of boats this week as the sixth annual West Marine Trawler Fest gets underway. Nearly 100 crafts will be on display and open for demonstration today at noon through Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Port of Poulsbo Marina.

Viking Fest will invade Poulsbo next weekend

POULSBO - Little Norway will seem a lot bigger next weekend as thousands of people from around the nation and beyond make their way here to partake in the fun and history that have become hallmarks of Poulsbo's annual Viking Fest.

“Hey Poulsbo, keep us out of this one”

"POULSBO - I regret putting you in the dark. Hopefully by the time you leave you still won't be in the dark, planning commission chairman Barry Babcock explained to a packed house at Vinland Elementary School just prior to beginning a public hearing on Poulsbo's proposed Urban Growth Area. The lights, Babcock said, had been turned off Thursday night to reduce noise in the cafeteria and allow the 120 people in attendance to be heard. He shouldn't have worried about that. "

Committee agrees on Kingston park plan

"KINGSTON - The Kingston Citizens Advisory Committee, once split on the proposed location of a new community center, has agreed that splitting community center functions is the best solution. The decision came at a specially scheduled meeting Wednesday specifically intended to hash out the Village Green park plan. "

“City seeks $100,000 grant for bayside land”

"POULSBO - Faced with the possibility of losing 12 acres of potential park land near Dogfish Creek to development, Poulsbo is working every angle it can to raise the $1.04 million needed to buy the property. "

City looks to improve performance measures

"POULSBO - Much like the How's my driving? bumper stickers that adorn vehicles around the nation, Poulsbo wants to find out How're we doing? City council met with several department heads Wednesday night to discuss whether or not Little Norway's government services were making the grade. In June 1999, Poulsbo adopted eight goals and implemented performance measures as a way to gauge whether the city is making any headway in hitting its own bull's eye. While there have certainly been huge steps toward improving the growth plan, encouraging economic development, efficiently using revenues and creating financial stability, supporting parks, providing basic services, providing professional customer service and enhancing education, council agreed that department heads should provide better progress reports to the elected body. "

Enjoying the comforts of home again

POULSBO - Driving 700 miles across country is no picnic - especially when it's across a foreign desert in temperatures that would have the Devil himself reaching for a glass of cool lemonade. But those are the conditions that Gordon and Judy Buehler of Poulsbo spent several weeks in February and March enduring as they made their way across India to assist locals in the earthquake-stricken town of Gujarat.

Poulsbo OC campus still in limbo

"POULSBO - The future of Poulsbo's Olympic Campus branch campus is still somewhat uncertain, and a cause of great concern to Poulsbo Mayor Donna Jean Bruce, Poulsbo City Councilmembers and Olympic College President Karl Jonietz. The cause for concern is a delay by Olhava project developer First Western Construction in beginning work on the project infrastructure. "