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AARP says reading is good for your health | Bookends

In a recent issue of the AARP Bulletin, they listed 50 great ways to live longer. This was No. 37 on the list: “You need… Continue reading

Dramatic illusions or basic reality? | Stars Above Kitsap

Planets and signs behave and misbehave - just like we do. The current cosmic snapshot shows two months of see-sawing between ‘whatever’ and in your… Continue reading

Northwest Wine: Yakima Valley remains the cradle of Washington wine | Northwest Wines

The Yakima Valley is the heart of the Washington wine industry. It is dripping with history, leading us to dub it the cradle of the… Continue reading

The many facets of dream symbols | Dream Times

Unassuming dream images, feelings or impressions are often dismissed as insignificant in our high-tech world of complexities and left-brained machinations. An image that threads various… Continue reading