Fourth of July

Witnesses say Chiefstick dropped screwdriver before being shot

In an interview with investigators of the July 3 officer-involved shooting, two witnesses claim they saw Stonechild Chiefstick drop what appeared to be the screwdriver… Continue reading


During a Struggle with Chiefstick, Officer Craig Keller lost his body camera which was later recovered at the scene, footage from the camera has yet to be released. (photo courtesy of KCIRT)

Witness statements describe Chiefstick’s final moments

Recently released investigation materials outline the moments leading up to fatal July 3 shooting


Pile on the memories: Flipping flapjacks is Fourth of July tradition

For some, Bainbridge’s Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast is simply an opportunity to eat some breakfast while benefiting high school sports, but for many others… Continue reading


Independence Day celebration kicks off with Bremerton Bridge Blast July 1 | Slideshow

BREMERTON — The first Bremerton Bridge Blast blasted off Independence Day celebrations in Kitsap County on July 1, with a fireworks show consisting of 8,562… Continue reading

Emergency number for fireworks issues established

To avoid overwhelming the 911 reporting system during this year’s Fourth of July holiday — a busy time for emergency responders — Kitsap authorities have… Continue reading

Celebrate the Fourth of July around Kitsap County

It doesn’t matter what part of Kitsap County you live in, there’s a Fourth of July celebration nearby. Bremerton begin the Fourth of July weekend… Continue reading

What are you planning to do on Independence Day? | Street Talk

Carissa and Regan Walker, Kingston: “We are going to go down and enjoy the Kingston 4th of July Parade and maybe the fireworks.” William Mash,… Continue reading