Bremerton Police Weekly Update

Oh, the stories you’ll read | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

We will start this week with an example of officers being respectful, helpful and cooperative, even when it would have been so much easier not… Continue reading


Is that a sympathetic stab wound? | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

F.O.R.D. (Flipped Over Really Drunk) Graveyard responded to a truck that “missed the turn” at the end of Phinney Bay. As we all know, alcohol… Continue reading


The CO2 pellet guns found inside a suspect vehicle following reports of the suspects allegedly using them to threaten others.                                Photo courtesy Bremerton Police Department

Bad things can happen when you combine guns and stupidity | Bremerton Police Department Weekly Update

Kids these days On Super Bowl Sunday, Officer Joe Corey responded to the area behind Papa Murphy’s on Kitsap Way in response to hearing a… Continue reading


Freedom goes to jail after violating court order — again | BPD Update

At least it’s creative Early last week, Officer Derek Ejde was dispatched to a residence in East Bremerton for a violation of a court-issued order… Continue reading

Men without pants, warm buses and a K-9 sidekick | Bremerton Police Weekly Update

With mental health issues, without pants If you are a regular reader of our updates, you know we frequently cite the challenges of dealing with… Continue reading