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Consider food justice

Kitsap Aware has planned a forum on Food Justice for June. I researched the topic to share some basics. That big old divide between the… Continue reading


Resistance of the Fourth Branch: we Americans

Remember the student protests of the 1960s and ’70s, standing up for civil rights, equal rights and an end to the war in Vietnam? Some… Continue reading


Hate groups in Kitsap — a sign of the times

Chances are you were unpleasantly surprised to learn that there are supremacist groups right here at home. How did they ever get here? Perhaps they… Continue reading

Marylin Olds

Return of the Gilded Age of Robber Barons

American robber barons were well known for their insatiable greed, their support by politicians and government officials, and their total disregard for competitors, workers or… Continue reading

Marylin Olds

That 2018 tax cut you’ve been promised may not happen | As It Turns Out

It looks very bad for millions of brave Americans. That seems to be all we know at this point in time. What about this $4,000… Continue reading

We must fight for our freedom of speech today | As It Turns Out

Want a slower, more expensive internet? That’s exactly what we’ll get if we lose our net neutrality. Want to be told what website you can… Continue reading

Keep the internet available for free speech — for all of us | As It Turns Out

Want a slower, more expensive internet? That’s exactly what we’re going to get. Few people appear to know and/or care about one of our most… Continue reading

How losing net neutrality will affect you | As It Turns Out

Concerned about losing net neutrality? You have every reason to be. Ajit Pai, chairman of the President Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has, for the… Continue reading

It’s time to let America be America again | As it Turns Out

Don’t you wonder what changed our government from the democracy intended by our Founding Fathers, to the anti-government it has become today? The majority of… Continue reading

Cry, our beloved representative government | As It Turns Out

An e-mail this morning brought updated news of dozens of factions, all crying out for their embattled causes. These champions are now witnessing their causes… Continue reading

The difficult challenge facing the U.S. Congress | As it Turns Out

President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey was quite the showstopper a couple weeks back. It had everyone’s attention. Comey had been investigating possible… Continue reading

Are Trump’s policies making America great again? | As It Turns Out

Here we are, life in the fast lane with President Trump at the wheel. It hasn’t been boring. It hasn’t been reassuring, either, as he… Continue reading

Trumpcare, a badly needed tax break for the wealthy | As It Turns Out

Shame on every Republican leader who has no difficulty in backing the intentionally coldhearted Trumpcare plan. As you remember, Trump ran on the promise of… Continue reading