Vikings capture first game of Agate Cup

The North Kitsap Vikings defeated the Bainbridge Spartans 66-43 on their home court. Although the Vikings won by double digits, the Spartans struck first.

“It’s a rivalry game so you never know what you are going to get,” North Kitsap’s coach Scott Orness said. “We had a slow first quarter and let them turn it into a basketball game. Through this game, our execution got better.”

Spartans’ Peyton Sprangers and Sam Nylund scored multiple times in the first quarter, giving Bainbridge a 12-8 lead after the first quarter.

“Bainbridge executes well if they are not pressured,” Orness said. “The game plan was to pressure them and we didn’t do that in the first quarter. We finally started to do the gameplan and they started to run their offense from 25 feet out instead of underneath the basket.”

North Kitsap flipped the tide when Cade Orness slammed the ball to take a 13-12 lead early in the second quarter. Nylund looked to respond a few times but Vikings’ Harry Davies dominated underneath the basket, scoring six straight points to give the Vikings a 26-18 lead at halftime.

“Harry is sicker than a dog right now and played out of his mind,” Orness said. “[Cade and Harry] are two of the best guards in the state, but I’m proud of our other guys for stepping up. Ethan Gillespie hitting a couple of threes was big and Jalen [East] and Mason [Chmielewski] did a great job as well.”

Gillespie’s couple of threes came in the third quarter to give the Vikings a 42-29 lead. Orness added to the scoring display shortly after to end the quarter and give North Kitsap a 49-29 lead.

Davies sealed the deal in the fourth quarter. The 6’3” guard scored 15 straight points for the Vikings, including a couple of stepback threes and contact layups.

Sam Nylund was the Spartans leading scorer against North Kitsap.

Sam Nylund was the Spartans leading scorer against North Kitsap.