Sounders fans from day one | Fans on the ferry

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BREMERTON — The water glitters as the giant boat carries 200-some-odd soccer fans from Bremerton to Seattle. Brittany Orr and Austin Miller sit in a booth, looking out at Puget Sound. They are decked out in the Sounders rave green, even Orr’s sunglasses sport the team’s logo.

Both have been fans long before Clint Dempsey or Obafemi Martins took the field at CenturyLink; Orr’s family has season tickets and Miller proudly shared that he has a game program featuring all the greats from the ’90s, “turquoise jerseys and all.”

“I read somewhere that Sounders fans are 27th in the world for most passionate fan base, and I certainly see that passion growing as the years go by,” said Miller.

Miller, a North Kitsap High School graduate, is an engineer at the naval shipyard, while Orr is taking classes to get her master’s degree. Orr grew up playing soccer and even went to Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, on scholarship. Miller played tennis in high school and went to Gonzaga University to study engineering. The couple have dated for two years after meeting at Oktoberfest in 2013, and now attend as many home games as possible.

“Oftentimes we will make a day trip out of a game. If the game is on a weekend, we’ll travel over to Seattle several hours before the match to tailgate outside CenturyLink with other passionate Sounders friends and fans,” said Miller.

Miller and Orr live near the Bremerton Marina, making the ferry the easiest route to the city.

“It’s the quickest way to get to Seattle; it takes you close to the stadium and other fun areas of the city,” said Orr. “You don’t have to drive and sit in the crazy city traffic. Plus, if I’m going to have a few drinks while I’m there, I don’t have to worry about driving. The ferry makes experiencing the city life possible.”

They aren’t the only ones who feel this way, especially on game day.

“On the ferry there, you can see a ton of people in their Sounders gear, there is a buzz of excitement and camaraderie as everyone anxiously waits to get to Seattle to see their Sounders play,” said Orr.

Once off the ferry, Miller and Orr head to the stadium where they meet Orr’s family and other die-hard fans to tailgate before the main event.

“Sounders fans are dedicated, loud and sometimes pretty ruthless,” said Orr. “If you have heard some of the chants or been around for a game against the Timbers or Galaxy, you would know why I say ruthless. There is a great rivalry between west coast teams and an ongoing battle be the best, and our fans take that very seriously.

“Sounders fans are proud of what the team, and Seattle as a soccer community have grown to be, and that is the best in the MLS.”


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