Principals overrule ADs; Bainbridge stays in Olympic League

The athletic directors said no, but the principals said yes, and Bainbridge High School will be in the Olympic League for the 2021-22 season after all.

Earlier this week, the Olympic League’s athletic directors voted down recommending the idea of Bainbridge joining the Olympic League for one season.

But with no other realistic option, since the Metro League schools were unable to commit to traveling across the water to Bainbridge due to a lack of bus drivers — that would have meant a schedule consisting entirely of away games for all teams — the Olympic League seemed like the only possible landing spot for the Spartans. The only other nearby 3A leagues are the South Sound Conference and Pierce County League, which largely consist of schools across the Narrows Bridge in and around Tacoma.

A vote was taken with the prinicipals of each school, and a majority decided to override the ADs and allow Bainbridge to compete in the Olympic League this fall, BISD athletic director Jim Corsetti said.

“We are grateful to be included in the Olympic League and looking forward to terrific sports seasons for our high school athletes next year,” he said.