Olympic triumphs over North Kitsap in league meet

The two teams swam a total of 18 state-qualifying times

EAST BREMERTON — The Trojans are off to a 2-0 start in their league meets this season thanks to a 101-69 victory over North Kitsap on Dec. 13 at the Olympic Aquatic Center.

The Meyer brothers — consisting of senior Haakon and sophomore twins Ranier and Dietrich — combined to win six individual events and two relays apiece. Head coach Paul Henderson said the team as a whole is ahead of where they were last year, which saw the Trojans finish fourth at state.

“To see where they’re swimming now compared to last year, they’re all swimming faster, which is great to see,” Henderson said.

The meet featured several exciting swims and the two teams combined to swim 18 state-qualifying times.

Ranier Meyer edged out North Kitsap’s Brandon Anderson by just .04 in the 100-yard backstroke event. Anderson also pulled out a squeaker of his own, finishing ahead of Ryan Burchell in the 200-yard individual medley by just 1.13 seconds. Haakon Meyer out-dueled teammate Ross Burchell in the 100 breaststroke by 1.15 seconds.

The league triumph sets Olympic down on a path that likely leads to a Jan. 17 showdown with defending league champion Kingston, though the team still has to get by Port Angeles, Bremerton and Klahowya as well.

“That will be a good meet regardless of who wins, there will be some fast swims,” Henderson said.

However, the Trojans aren’t perfect on the year. Just two days prior to the win over North Kitsap, they went across the Agate Pass Bridge to take on the defending state 3A champions Bainbridge, and the Spartans, in the words of Henderson, “humbled” Olympic in a 131-52 win. But it also gave the boys an idea of what some of the top teams in the state will look like this year.

“It was good to see what’s out there and to know that we have to keep working,” Henderson said. “But they’re doing all the right things to be there at the end.”

Aside from Anderson’s victory in the 200-yard IM, Nathan Ramey took home a convincing win in the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 4:47.83, and finished second in the 50-yard freestyle, just missing out on a state-qualifying time. His 23.23 race was just a few tenths shy of the 22.95 needed to qualify this year. James Correll finished third in the 200-yard IM, but his 2:07.40 was also a state time.

Ramey, Anderson, Correll and Spencer Grubb also combined for a solid 3:30.50 time in the 400-yard freestyle relay, which qualified the foursome for state.

“We had some really good times out here today and there were some great races,” North Kitsap head coach Greg Braun said.

Braun also noted a number of improvements for some of the team’s newer swimmers. Max Sievenpiper knocked two seconds off his best time and finished third with a 59.56 mark, which is just .06 short of a state-qualifier. Lyle Parmely and Spencer Chaussee also turned in solid 100-yard splits, which could help diversify the Vikings’ relay teams and give the squad more flexibility at state if they continue their progress.

“I’m pretty stoked for where we are,” Braun said.

Olympic 101, North Kitsap 69

200 medley relay — 1. Olympic (R. Meyer, Ro. Burchell, Ry. Burchell, H. Meyer) 1:42.53; 2. North Kitsap (Ramey, Correll, Anderson, Chapman), 1:46.20. 3. Olympic (Anthony, Mourich, Riley, Ta. Shelton), 2:01.37; 4. North Kitsap (Carthum, Brush, Powell, Chaussee), 2:19.25; 5. North Kitsap (Yordon, Acuna, Prantil, Dougherty), 2:20.53. 6. Olympic (Forster, Mowry, Macazzo, McMillan), 2:26.21.

200 freestyle — 1. Dietrich Meyer, Olympic, 1:47.51; 2. Max Sievenpiper, North Kitsap, 2:04.18; 3. Spencer Grubb, North Kitsap, 2:05.46; 4. Michael Manuel, Olympic, 2:11.51; 5. Logan Grubb, North Kitsap, 2:28.25; 6. Stanley Leong, Olympic, 2:38.79.

200 IM — 1. Brandon Anderson, North Kitsap, 2:03.06; 2. Ryan Burchell, Olympic, 2:04.19; 3. James Correll, North Kitsap, 2:07.40; 4. Stefan Anthony, Olympic, 2:28.45; 5. Tallesin Shelton, Olympic, 2:56.40. 6. Sebastian Acuna, North Kitsap, 3:10.55.

50 freestyle — 1. Ranier Meyer, Olympic, 22.69; 2. Nathan Ramey, North Kitsap, 23.23; 3. Tiernann Shelton, Olympic, 23.26 4. Morgan Chapman, North Kitsap, 25.79; 5. Henry Yordon, North Kitsap, 27.46; 6. Christian Macazzo, Olympic, 28.56.

100 butterfly — 1. Haakon Meyer, Olympic, 55.19; 2. Tiernann Shelton, Olympic, 59.30; 3. Spencer Grubb, North Kitsap, 1:00.54; 4. James Correll, North Kitsap, 1:00.56; 5. Chris Mourich, Olympic, 1:04.56; 6. Colebe Prantil, North Kitsap, 1:13.98.

100 freestyle — 1. Dietrich Meyer, Olympic, 49.52; 2. Morgan Chapman, North Kitsap, 56.69; 3. Michael Manuel, Olympic, 58.35; 4. Rowen Powell, North Kitsap, 1:02.02; 5. Tallesin Shelton, Olympic, 1:06.87; 6. Chris Carthum, North Kitsap, 1:10.42.

500 freestyle — 1. Nathan Ramey, North Kitsap, 4:47.83; 2. Ryan Burchell, Olympic, 4:52.29; 3. Stefan Anthony, Olympic, 6:08.72; 4. Logan Grubb, North Kitsap, 6:44.96; 5. Alex McMillan, Olympic, 7:45.36; 6. Spencer Chaussee, North Kitsap, 8:05.03.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Olympic (H. Meyer, Ti. Shelton, Manuel, D. Meyer), 1:34.08; 2. North Kitsap (S. Grubb, Prantil, Brush, Chapman), 1:47.32; 3. North Kitsap (Acuna, Powell, Dougherty, Darmely), 1:59.77. 4. Olympic (Leonard, Gonzales, Morgan, Wyant) 2:06.81.

100 backstroke — 1. Ranier Meyer, Olympic, 56.28; 2. Brandon Anderson, North Kitsap, 56.58; 3. Max Sievenpiper, North Kitsap, 59.62; 4. Chris Mourich, Olympic, 1:09.62; 5. Henry Yordon, North Kitsap, 1:17.92; 6. Dylan Forster, Olympic, 1:25.93.

100 breaststroke — 1. Haakon Meyer, Olympic, 1:04.37; 2. Ross Burchell, Olympic, 1:05.42; 3. Colebe Prantil, North Kitsap, 1:30.43; 4. Stanley Leonard, Olympic, 1:33.61; 5. Chris Carthum, North Kitsap, 1:34.39; 6. Sebastian Acuna, North Kitsap, 1:36.91.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Olympic (Ti. Shelton, Ry. Burchell, R. Meyer, D. Meyer), 3:27.10; 2. North Kitsap (Ramey, Correll, S. Grubb, Anderson), 3:30.50; 3. Olympic (Manuel, Macazzo, Anthony, Mourich), 4:07.90; 4. North Kitsap (L. Grubb, Brush, Yordon, Sievenpiper), 4:30.54; 5. North Kitsap (Powell, Dougherty, Chaussee, Parmely), 4:46.21.

— Mark Krulish is a reporter for Kitsap News Group. He can be reached at mkrulish@soundpublishing.com. Follow him on Twitter @MKrulishKDN.

North Kitsap’s Brandon Anderson swam a state-qualifying time in the 200-yard individual medley against Olympic on Dec. 13. (Mark Krulish/Kitsap News Group)

North Kitsap’s Brandon Anderson swam a state-qualifying time in the 200-yard individual medley against Olympic on Dec. 13. (Mark Krulish/Kitsap News Group)