Copeland highlights SK effort at fast Narrows meet

Senior places 12th with personal-best time at Fort Steilacoom

A frequent discussion point at the Narrows League cross-country championships was the strong competition.

South Kitsap senior Erika Copeland is a good example of that.

Copeland finished the 5-kilometer girls race Wednesday at Lakewood’s Fort Steilacoom Park in a personal-best time of 19 minutes, 32.66 seconds. That was nearly a half-minute better (20:01.74) than last year, but she actually fell out of the top 10 this time. Copeland placed 12th, down three spots from a year ago.

“I just couldn’t kick anymore,” said Copeland, who watched four individuals pass her near the finish line. “I gave it all I had at the beginning of the race. I need to learn to even out my pace a little more.”

Copeland, who recently was named the school’s homecoming queen, hopes the 10 days between league and districts will enable her to get some rest. Copeland wants to finish in 19:20 at districts, and South coach Paul Zimmer expects to see some improvement.

“I think there’s more in her,” he said. “If don’t think we’ve seen the best of Erika yet.”

Olympia senior Clare Kane won the event in 18:13.78. In addition to Copeland, Wolves freshman Keegan Tasker also qualified for districts by placing in the top 30. Tasker finished 28th in 20:43.36.

“She just kind of went for it right from the get-go,” Zimmer said. “She’s really talented and is mentally tough.”

South’s will not advance its entire girls team to the Oct. 31 West Central District Tournament because the Wolves finished out of the top six. They were seventh, with 171 points. Gig Harbor won the team competition, with 35 points.

“We can’t make them do any more than they did,” said Zimmer, adding that most of them had personal-best times. “It’s a crushing blow. I’m pretty devastated for them.”

South’s boys team will advance to districts after finishing fifth, with 136 points. Gig Harbor also won that competition, with 37 points.

While Copeland has been the Wolves’ top girls runner throughout the season, Zimmer was surprised when sophomore Daniel Schulte emerged as the top placer on the boys side. Schulte, who usually is the No. 3 boys runner, finished 14th in 16:52.52.

“He exceeded all expectations,” Zimmer said.

Schulte was elated to beat out his more experienced teammates — South seniors Jeff Robinson (17:11.35, 21st) and Andrew Crock (17:17.31, 26th) also were in the top 30.

“I was worried the whole race,” Schulte said. “I could have sworn that Jeff or Andrew were going to tear past me at the finish line.”

Central Kitsap senior Shane Moskowitz, who will compete at Oklahoma State University next year, won the race and set a meet record in 15:05.41.

“We’re kind of looking for a breakthrough from both of those guys,” Zimmer said. “We’re happy for the guys team.”


Team scores: Gig Harbor 35, Bellarmine Prep 62, Stadium 80, Olympia 102, Central Kitsap 122, Shelton 159, South Kitsap 171, Wilson 193.

Top 30 to districts: 1, Clare Kane (O) 18:13.78; 2, Maureen Tremblay (GH) 18:24.8; 3, Shannon Moskowitz (CK) 19:05.86; 4, Brittany Kealy (GH) 19:12.57; 5, Erin Hull (GH) 19:27.41; 6, Daryl Phill (BP) 19:29.8; 7, Izze Arens (BP) 19:30.04; 8, Carey Lyons (St) 19:30.36; 9, Cara Saxon (GH) 19:30.9; 10, Gee Mi Jorde (CK) 19:31.48; 11, Emily Coic (S) 19:32.42; 12, Erika Copeland (SK) 19:32.66; 13, Lauren Hilger (BP) 19:37.89; 14, Maegan Tracy (St) 19:42.65; 15, Danie Moon (GH) 19:47.22; 16, Caroline Baer (BP) 19:47.49; 17, Monica Madrigal (O) 19:48.48; 18, Kelly Williams (GH) 19:57.44; 19, Sarah Johnson (Sh) 20:02.64; 20, Alyssa Zuehlsdorff (BP) 20:04.79; 21, Eline Cove (St) 20:06.17; 22, Kayleen McMonigal (BP) 20:07.03; 23, Kathleen Hoza (O) 20:22.49; 24, Gwen Milroy (Sh) 20:25.88; 25, Heather Willis (W) 20:27.82; 26, Lissy Spencer (St) 20:35.27; 27, Jaclyn Geyer (St) 20:37.13; 28, Keegan Tasker (SK) 20:43.36; 29, Michelle Bone (W) 20:45.91; 30, Kirsten Allen (O) 20:47.23.


Team scores: Gig Harbor 37, Bellarmine Prep 64, Central Kitsap 77, Olympia 83, South Kitsap 136, Stadium 152, Shelton 203, Mount Tahoma 238, Wilson 267, Foss 272, Lincoln 360.

Top 30 to districts: 1, Shane Moskowitz (CK) 15:05.41; 2, Conner Peloquin (GH) 15.14.37; 3, Nate Brennand (O) 16:06.06; 4, Brent Felnagle (BP) 16:10.51; 5, Spencer Payne (GH) 16:13.36; 6, Zackery Weber (CK) 16:29.14; 7, Matt Baer (BP) 16:34.57; 8, Michael Thorsen (CK) 16:35.82; 9, Casey Peloquin (GH) 16:38.66; 10, Joe Gagliano (GH) 16:41.89; 11, Seth Johnson (GH) 16:45.07; 12, Dusty Miller (O) 16:48.48; 13, Luke Hoffman (GH) 16:48.5; 14, Daniel Schulte (SK) 16:52.52; 15, Ted Knudsen (O) 16:57.3; 16, Mason Hill (BP) 16:57.78; 17, Tyler Graff (St) 16:58.26; 18, Ian Staeheli (BP) 16:59.2; 19, Elliott Johnson (BP) 17:03.41; 20, Matt Vernie (Sh) 17:10.78; 21, Jeff Robinson (SK) 17:11.35; 22, Colin Lang (O) 17:12.45; 23, Wes Jones (MT) 17:15.03; 24, Les Jones (MT) 17:15.43; 25, Will Drinkwater (GH) 17:16.78; 26, Andrew Crock (SK) 17:17.31; 27, Brendan Franz (BP) 17:17.58; 28, John Mackovjak (CK) 17:18.91; 29, Tyson Duckett (St) 17:20.09; 30, Sandy Dittell (F) 17:22.25.