OmniBreathe Reviews – Will It Work For You? Honest User Critique

OmniBreathe is a daily supplement that consumers can use to clear up their lungs and respiratory system within a few days. The remedy is easy to use, and most people find that they experience results within just a few days of starting the regimen.

What is OmniBreathe?

Everyone wants to make sure that they keep their body functioning in the best capacity. They take vitamins that support the immune system, and they try to eat a balanced diet to keep their weight under control. While most people think that the best way to nourish the lungs is by abstaining from activities like smoking cigarettes, they also require certain vitamins and other nourishment to be effective. Instead of exclusively relying on the exclusion of bad habits, OmniBreathe helps users to give their lungs the cleaning that they deserve.

With an assortment of helpful ingredients, OmniBreathe helps consumers restore normal levels in the rest of the body. It gets rid of toxins, and it traps the tar and other particulates that build up in the depths of the lungs. By getting rid of this damaging tar, many consumers experience better breathing, less inflammation, and less irritation. They can give up congestion, wheezing, and other issues that mucus brings.

There are many different breathing treatments on the market today, but most of them are specific to someone who is already sick. Using a tool like an inhaler requires a prescription. Stopping a smoking habit can take weeks or months to see a distinct difference. However, the use of a remedy like OmniBreathe helps consumers tackle their breathing issues immediately, working in days to make an incredible difference.

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How Does OmniBreathe Work?

The reason that OmniBreathe works is because of the way that the ingredients clean up the tar and toxins in the lungs. This buildup can accumulate for years as consumers expose themselves to pollution or even poor lifestyle habits. When the lungs constantly experience pollutants, allergens, smoke, and other dangerous compounds, they put their body at constant risk of danger.

Even with all of this buildup, using OmniBreathe helps consumers notice an abrupt and distinct change in their breathing within 72 hours. The formula doesn’t take very long to make a difference, and most people see even better effects by keeping up with the regimen for several weeks or months at a time. This remedy’s effectiveness ensures that even consumers who live in heavily polluted areas will notice a substantial difference.

After those first few days of use, OmniBreathe starts to take away the feeling of suffocation that consumers experience. They don’t have to keep clearing their throat, and they don’t have to experience the pressure of congestion. Instead, they get to start breathing clearly, forgetting the days of allergies and poor respiration.

The reason that OmniBreathe works is that it brings the vitamin levels back into balance. It reduces toxic buildup, and it ultimately helps users to feel more refreshed with every breath.

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What’s In OmniBreathe?

To establish all of these benefits, the creators included a beautiful assortment of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and other important ingredients. They all work together to clear the toxins from the lungs and help users feel freer in each breath.

While the full assortment of ingredients isn’t included in the online advertisement for OmniBreathe, there are a few important ingredients included. The ingredients that the website currently lists include:


Vitamin A

According to the NIH, Vitamin A is a crucial ingredient for good vision. It supports the health of the immune system while positively promoting a healthy reproductive system and better development. It helps many organs to work properly, and it protects consumers from experiencing night blindness and decline as a result of aging.

It helps consumers to properly restore healthier lung mucosa, keeping the mucus where it should be. This mucus keeps pathogens from absorbing into the body. Many consumers get the support that they need from foods that are rich in vitamin A, including eggs, milk, leafy green vegetables, and bell peppers.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, helps the body to properly keep calcium and phosphorus levels at the right place. The body requires a certain amount of vitamin D to help build bones, but current studies show that it also reduces the risk of cancer cell growth. It may reduce inflammation, and it helps consumers to protect themselves from infections.

With anti-inflammatory benefits, consumers will also have the support of antioxidants and other neuroprotective properties.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, which is why it is crucial to keep enough of it in the diet. It protects the body against the damage that free radicals can cause. These free radicals form when the body constantly gets exposed to tobacco, breaks down food, and performs other tasks. Unfortunately, when it isn’t adequately purged, it leads to issues like heart disease or cancer.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine is a combination of cysteine and NAC. According to WebMD, it is necessary for many health concerns because it helps to replenish glutathione, which is one of the most potent antioxidants in the human body. It promotes better cysteine levels, and some research links it to treating individuals who consume too much Tylenol.

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Quercetin is another nutrient that battles against the buildup of free radicals. It helps consumers to reduce their cancer risk, inflammation, and more. It offers relief from allergies, and it helps consumers protect themselves from developing neurological diseases, infections, or heart disease. It reduces high blood pressure while stabilizing histamine-releasing cells. The anti-inflammatory benefits are especially helpful to anyone who wants to control blood sugar levels.


Information from the National Institute for Health shows Bromelain helps consumers to manage pain and swelling. It is particularly useful for consumers who are dealing with these issues in the nose and sinuses, though they can also get relief in the gums. The bodily tissues with the greatest reaction tend to be areas that have just undergone injury or surgery. It comes from pineapples, and it triggers the production of enzymes in the body that promote better healing.

Cordyceps Extract

Studies show using cordyceps extract is helpful to consumers who want to promote better immunity. It improves the stimulation of cells, and some evidence suggests that it can shrink tumor size. It is particularly helpful to people with lung or skin cancer, though finding cordyceps mushrooms in their natural state is rare and costly.

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Ordering an OmniBreathe Bottle

For a 15-day supply, users will need one bottle of OmniBreathe, though multiple packages are available so consumers can get what they need and want.

Choose from:

  • One bottle for $39.95
  • Two bottles for $59.93
  • Three bottles for $79.90

Customers will only have to pay for the cost of shipping if they decide to order one bottle at a time. Multi-pack orders give consumers the benefit of free shipping and the coverage of a money-back guarantee. Please contact OmniBreathe directly at:

  • support@getomnibreathe.io
  • OmniBreathe

    30 North Gould St Suite 4000

    Sheridan, WY 82801 USA

Frequently Asked Questions About OmniBreathe

Q. What does OmniBreathe do?

A. The main purpose of this formula is to help consumers clear up their lungs, so they don’t have coughs or colds, giving them better breathing.

Q. Is there anything else that OmniBreathe can do?

A. Along with the prevention of respiratory issues like coughs and colds, it also helps with COPD symptoms and asthma.

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Q. How long will users have to maintain their OmniBreathe regimen before they notice results?

A. Within about 72 hours, most users notice a distinct improvement in their breathing. Consistently using OmniBreathe for 2-4 weeks is the best way to clear and cleanse the lungs.

Q. Is OmniBreathe safe?

A. Yes. This formula strictly uses natural ingredients with proven effects. At this time, no side effects have been associated with using OmniBreathe.

Q. Can OmniBreathe be used with other medications?

A. Yes. This formula is safe to use with medication, but consumers should speak with their doctor first to make sure that it is safe for that individual.

Q. What’s the right dosage for daily use?

A. Consumers should have two capsules a day, swallowed with a full glass of water. The creators explain that it is best to use OmniBreathe with food for optimal digestion.

Q. How does OmniBreathe help to cleanse lungs?

A. OmniBreathe uses a combination of NAC, quercetin, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients. These ingredients work together to ease mucus production, eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and improve overall breathing.

Q. Is OmniBreathe a vegetarian-friendly remedy?

Yes. It uses all-natural ingredients, and all of them are vegetarian-friendly.

Q. Where is OmniBreathe made?

A. Every bottle of the OmniBreathe formula is made in the United States. The FDA-registered facility is located in New York.

Q. Is it possible to stop smoking with OmniBreathe?

A. Many consumers use this method to help them clear up the tar buildup that happens in their lungs when they smoke. By making the transition to cleaner lungs, some people feel motivated to finally quit smoking. Users don’t have to worry about clearing up the buildup in their lungs that they would normally have to get rid of if they quit smoking on their own.

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Q. How long does it take for an OmniBreathe order to arrive?

A. Most orders don’t take more than 5 business days to reach consumers when the order is delivered within the United States. International orders generally take a little longer because of how long it takes to go through customs.

Q. How do consumers know if their order has shipped?

A. Invoices are delivered via email with the submission of the order. Shipped orders are confirmed with a tracking number, which is sent in a separate email.

Q. What’s the return policy?

A. If the user finds that this supplement isn’t a good match for the user’s needs, they have up to 30 days to request a refund.


OmniBreathe provides consumers with a way to soothe lung and throat mucus, reducing the damage that free radicals cause. This formula is easy to absorb into the body, though users will need to maintain the regimen daily to get the promised results. Each bottle offers enough for 30 days of treatment, ensuring that users can properly clear their airways. In some cases, using the formula for 4 weeks or more is the best way to get long-term results easily.

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