Parks department needs to finish the job

This letter is about the recent logging of the South Kitsap Regional Park on Lund and Jackson Avenue, done by the Kitsap County Parks and Recreation Department.

They left the urban park looking like a vandalized forest and fire hazard. Any responsible tree-removal service contract would have originally included a thorough cleanup agreement.

The parks department should take whatever funds are needed from the $200,000 profit they made from the sale of the trees to clean up the park.

They need to get the heavy equipment machinery back in there to finish the job: remove the trees they fell, but didn’t want; grind the stumps; remove the debris; and fill in the holes.

Instead of logging 30 acres, they logged 100 acres. I feel that the parks department is now thumbing its nose at us citizens by saying “volunteers” will do the cleanup.

They need to admit responsibility and make the park safe and accessible for the public.

Coleen Whalen

Port Orchard

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