Territoriality here in North Kitsap

Last week when the North Kitsap Herald Advisory Board met with Proposition 1 supporters Dick Hayes and Sonny Woodward, the latter made a comment that raised eyebrows. It was something to the effect that even since the days of the Mosquito Fleet, North Kitsap has had issues of “territoriality.” A problem, he said, must be resolved.

Proposition 1 deserves support

From Christmas light slowdowns to run-ins with Bainbridge Island’s “Lawnmower Man,” for North Kitsap residents whose daily grind includes not only traffic along Highways 104, 305 and 307 but ferry trips across the Puget Sound, getting to and from work is job in itself. That’s their problem, right?

Old Man Winter’s not going anywhere

Fear mongers who point to arguments like the theory of global warming as to why we all should recycle and drive hybrids haven’t been to North Kitsap recently. Winter is here and it’s here in a big way. As far as “global warming” goes, the North End seems to have joined much of the United States and been left out of the loop. Big snows, freezing temperatures and whatnot.

Team plan is just the beginning

The North Kitsap student athletes who made their voices heard at the decision hearing for the Athletics and Activities recommendation for NK secondary athletics next year were most graciously accepted by the school board — albeit disregarded with a motion to approve. Students representing three of NK’s athletics teams spoke to the board on the importance their Viking teammates have meant to them.

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Community has answered the call

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