Poulsbo in FOCUS

Researching for this article, I found that the year 2019 should prove to be quite interesting politically in that five of the seven Poulsbo council… Continue reading

Effinger: History Repeating Itself

Digressing from my focus on local government, I am sharing a “history repeats itself” moment to illustrate the current trend of young people becoming active… Continue reading

Civic engagement starts with a well-informed public

A recent visit to the Poulsbo office of the North Kitsap Herald by Congressman Derek Kilmer produced the following comment during an interview with reporter… Continue reading

Poulsbo in Focus: Garland’s run shows winds are changing

By Bill Effinger This recent headline in the Kitsap Daily News caught my attention: “Poulsbo workshop will examine mayor’s salary, executive structure.” This is important… Continue reading

Beahm Me Up | Let’s talk about spoilers

The topic of discussion is that which shouldn’t be discussed: Spoilers.

Commissioners focus on community benefit

It is often voiced that elected officials seem to no longer understand the term “public service.” On a daily basis, we see evidence that those… Continue reading

  • May 10, 2018

Our leaders work for us

Part 2 of Poulsbo councilperson Abby Garland Interview

Resistance of the Fourth Branch: we Americans

Remember the student protests of the 1960s and ’70s, standing up for civil rights, equal rights and an end to the war in Vietnam? Some… Continue reading

The housing and homeless crisis

By Marylin Olds

Hate groups in Kitsap — a sign of the times

Chances are you were unpleasantly surprised to learn that there are supremacist groups right here at home. How did they ever get here? Perhaps they… Continue reading

Long Range Planning session on ferries planned for May 8, Village Green Center

By Walt Elliott The Washington State Ferry reps will to be at the Village Green Community Center to get your ideas for their long-range plan… Continue reading

  • Apr 27, 2018

China trade war could hit this state hard

Any trade war between the United States and China is worrisome, but if it escalated and tariffs were imposed, it would hit Washington particularly hard.… Continue reading

Did guns rights advocates shoot themselves in the foot?

Their fight blocking an age limit on buying semiautomatics has spurred a voter initiative.

Editorial cartoon | Opinion

By Bob Smith Kitsap News Group… Continue reading

Ferguson’s not my choice for governor

If you don’t know who Bob Ferguson is, you’d better find out.

U.S. Department of Commerce has imposed anti-subsidy and anti-dumping tariffs on newsprint

Much of the talk of tariffs and trade wars has centered on the Trump administration’s decision to pursue increased taxes on some international supplies of… Continue reading

  • Mar 30, 2018


By Bob Smith Kitsap News Group… Continue reading

  • Mar 23, 2018

Property tax issue a spectator sport in Olympia

Property tax and car tabs issues are likely to be campaign fodder this fall.

4 the Kids March for our Lives

“4 the Kids-Kitsap” is a group of Kitsap County retired teachers and concerned citizens, formed since the Parkland school shooting, to connect with local high… Continue reading

  • Mar 16, 2018