Letters to the Editor about the upcoming election

A number of letters will be published in our papers Friday. Others will be posted on our websites. Here's a sampling...

Hauge for prosecutor

I am voting for Russ Hauge and I hope you will join me. For the past 19 years he has been exemplary as our county prosecutor.

Those who know him best professionally are his legal peers in the Kitsap County Bar Association (KCBA). In KCBA’s recent poll of candidates, Russ far outdistanced his opponent in the highly qualified and preferred candidate categories.

Hauge is a People’s Prosecutor. Under his innovative leadership the office is more transparent; annual reports, standards and guidelines are all posted on the Prosecutor’s Office web site. He created a victims assistance program.

And created a new program with the cooperation of the superior and district courts where the plea bargaining process is now faster, giving more time to superior courts to focus on more important matters, without compromising defendants and victims’ rights.

Plus, Hauge is tough. His office went after a pimp on human trafficking charges and got him put away for 50 years.

He believes in justice and is not afraid of making decisions regardless of the politics.Russ Hauge is the best and only choice.

Leif Bentsen

Virginia Point


Support for MacEwen

I would like to voice my preference in the 35th House of Representatives Position 2 race for incumbent Representative Drew MacEwen.

Rep. MacEwen has earned another two years representing the constituents in the 35th because of the outstanding work he accomplished during his freshman term.

MacEwen brings a vast array of life skills and extensive financial knowledge to the legislature that sorely needs someone who understands economics and has had first hand experience navigating through the maze of administrative and bureaucratic red tape as a small business owner and knows from those experiences what the state needs to become more job friendly.

Rep. MacEwen is also empathetic with all the concerns plaguing the citizens in the 35th Legislative District which is vastly different than folks in larger urban areas of the state and he works hard in a bipartisan fashion to prevent our exploitation.

Please join me voting for Drew MacEwen for the House of Representatives Position 2 in order to keep moving this state forward.

Robert Knight