Letter to the Editor

A stranger helps save a local man's lost wallet and he gives thanks

The only thing worse than losing your wallet is losing it just before a big trip. When I got home from the doctor’s office, I felt my hip for that reassurance that my wallet was there. It was not!

After a hurried search, I called the doctor’s office and verified that it was lost. I concluded it must have disappeared when I got in the car. Visions of credit card cancellations, getting a new ID card and driver’s license were not the high point of my day. I said a prayer, and decided to wait 12 hours before starting the ordeal. Just in case an honest person found it.

Within the hour, I got a call from Mike Kuresman of Kuresman Insurance who reported he had found it along the shoulder of Highway 3. The contents were scattered, but he gathered them up and brought it straight to the house. The power of prayer and the blessings of an honest man. Mike is a bike rider and he said he finds about three wallets a year along his rides. I’m sure no one was happier than I was when he called.

I have great faith in people, but still when an honest man goes out of his way to be a good citizen, it is an act worthy of public recognition.

Thanks a million Mike!

Tex Lewis