Letter | South Kitsap Fire and Rescue is doing it right

As a 15-year recently retired fire chief, I would like to compliment the South Kitsap Fire and Rescue fire apparatus replacement program outlined in last week’s cover story.

Most fire departments do a very good job of meeting a customer’s emergency service needs when the worst day of their life occurs. However, finding a fire department that combines good service with sound fiscal management and an outstanding administrative team is much rarer.

I want to complement Chief Wright, his project team and the district’s elected officials for crafting and executing an outstanding capital improvement plan. I can say that with confidence because it mirrors precisely the same plan my team and I implemented five years ago. After five years in service, the 12 engines, five water tenders and two brush trucks we placed in service have performed flawlessly. We experienced very few service issues with Pierce’s Contender vehicles, and when an issue did arise, they were quick to amicably resolve it. SKFR has selected high-quality and high-performance equipment.

I also applaud Chief Wright’s team for their vision of apparatus standardization, training program and funding a vehicle replacement program. In doing so, SKFR will safely and efficiently meet the community’s current emergency service needs, as well as provide for continuity of service well into the future.

While every community has its challenges, residents of South Kitsap need not worry about fire, EMS and rescue service. Based on my experience, SKFR is doing an outstanding job.

Jim Wilson

Fire Chief (retired)

Port Orchard