Let’s get through the season together | In Our Opinion

Why is it that there are so many requests for help this time of year? It’s not because it’s the season of giving. It’s because it’s cold. Many people in our community — perhaps people you know — have to stretch that dollar farther. Suddenly, cupboards are a little more bare, clothing a little more inadequate. Needs once put off now become critical.

Our community is healthiest when all members of the community family have what they need to survive and thrive. Let’s make sure the entire community family gets through this season intact. Consider a holiday gift to a local nonprofit, such as Bremerton Foodline (www.bremertonfoodline.org), Central Kitsap Food Bank (www.ckfoodbank.org), or the Salvation Army (www.bremerton.salvationarmy.org). See our list of nonprofits in the Helping Hands section of Kitsap Weekly.

The amount of your gift doesn’t matter, because your dollar and others will add up to accomplish a lot of good in the community.

One, every dollar helps neighbors put food on tables, keep the lights and heat on, keep a roof over their heads, and get to medical appointments and work.

Two, your gift is tax deductible. (Consider your gift a holiday gift to yourself — you make a difference in the community, and you get a tax deduction).

Three, by giving, you are part of the local safety net, building a community where we have each other’s backs.

We are always touched by the generosity we see during this season. Even when times are tough, neighbors seem to take stock of all that they have been blessed with and shared with others. Some give $5, some give more. But the donations add up — thousands of dollars, every year, that change lives.

Thank you. And we wish you and yours a blessed holiday season.