Daisy Cleverdon

‘Forced from Home’: Exhibit shows the realities of refugee crisis

By DAISY CLEVERDON | Guest columnist

Did you know that the average American uses 20 gallons of water a day? People in refugee camps only get two gallons a day for washing dishes, drinking and bathing.

On Oct. 7, I went with my parents to Seattle to see “Forced from Home,” an exhibit on the global refugee crisis. The organization that held the event was Doctors Without Borders, and it was very interesting.

First of all, there are five push factors. Push factors are the things that force people out of their homes. The five push factors are war/gun violence, economic failure, lack of food, religious persecution, and natural disasters/drought. At the exhibit, Doctors Without Borders explained how they treat pneumonia and cholera, and what medical supplies they use. They show you real tents and boats that the refugees used. They even give you virtual reality simulators so you can look at the camps and listen to the refugees’ point of view.

I thought the exhibit was amazing. It helped me see what refugees are going through. Maybe you will see the exhibit the next time it is in Seattle.

Daisy Cleverdon is a fourth-grader at Vinland Elementary School. To learn more about the exhibit, “Forced From Home,” go to www.forcedfromhome.com.