Downtown alley woes

As a fan of everything downtown Poulsbo, supporting local businesses by shopping like a tourist for unique items here instead of online, we take our many out-of-town visitors to eat, drink and shop there as well. But what was once a nice clean Alley by Liberty Books to sit on benches or at tables, enjoying a cup of coffee, ice cream, lunch by ourselves or with friends, has become a trash and weed haven.

I complained to Mayor Erickson about it quite some time ago and was told that she’ll look into it, having the cleanup crew regularly (at least once a week or more) include the alley with the rest of downtown. Sadly, nothing has been done, even after a follow-up email pointing out the perpetual mess, not even getting a response.

Weeds along the walls continue to flourish, and not even once this summer did we see the alley without trash mixed in with the weeds. It appears that the store owners at least sweep the entrance of their establishments, but that doesn’t take care of weed and trash removal (just killing weeds still leaves a mess) along the entire wall in front of the two restaurants with outdoor seating. So we walk past it and shop, hang out, and take our visitors only to Front Street these days. It’s too bad – as the Alley is pretty much the only place downtown where one can sit outside without directly breathing in car exhaust fumes.

Gitta Brown,