Community has answered the call

On paper, the personal messages were as varied as those who gave to this year’s Bellringer Fund. In essence, though, the overall message rang the same throughout North Kitsap: Our less fortunate neighbors are in need, what can we do to help?

Bellringer surpassed the $35,000 mark this week, brushing aside its lofty goal of $30,000 once again and proving that this is truly a community that cares.

We’re not sure if this has been done before so here goes. Huge thanks to … Jan and Jerry Deardorff, Little Norway Grandmothers Club, Lockheed Martin Employees Foundation, Dale and Beverly Anderson, D. Rand Hillier, Alton Suttell, Helene and William Schmidt, Fran and Dolph Jaeger, Kiwanis Club of Greater Poulsbo Foundation, Ne-Si-Ka Garden Club, Ted Lofgren, The Stottlemyers, Lorene Klamke, Dick and Ginny Risley, Eugene Thompson, Lester Schmuck, Richard and Bonny Boyde, Snippers Barber Shop, Jay and Sandra Dahlquist, Frank and Sharon Schmid, Richard Weiss, Sr., The Hogue Family, The Weiss Jr. Family, Thomas Settle, The Nelson Family, Beryl Anne and Henry James Family Fund, Henry and Onaley, The Law Office of Tolman, Kirk and Franz, Muriel, Manny Correia, Marion Hansen, Douglas and LeAnn Mong, Mel, The Teddy Bear Coalition, Helen and Fred Arnold, North Kitsap Senior Center, Norma and Archie Lien, Joe, Caroline and Finn Irwin, Francis Nelson, Alton Benson, Pierre Bineau, Stephen and Kristi Growdon, John and Sylvia Castleman, Mike and Marlene Hattrick, Norma and Archie Lien, Terry and Carolee Flaten, John and Nancy Belgarde, Earl and Irene Hagen, Bruce and Susan Michelson, Carol Bedinger, William and Regin Oie, Leo Fried and Terry Cowen, J.R. and A.L. Sherrard, Bob and Karen Hemmett, Cora Caldart, Catherine and John Ahl, Virginia Bush, Ronald E. Muell and Helen A. Humes, Mike Eliason, Mom, Dean, Tom, Aunt Charlene and Aunt Sherry, Arne and Lee Stadshaug, Arne and Lee, Harriet Stenwick, Herb and Elda Armstrong, Dick and Donna Endresen, Victor and Beverly Clough, Warren G. Harding Lodge No. 260, Darryl and Patricia Milton, Dan and Ellen Konopaski, Ross H. Cook, Keith and Karen, George and June Burt, Judy Fuhrer, Chuck and Sue Weaver, attendance drawing, Habecker, Waddell, Habecker, Mike and Paulette, Dr. Neil and Margaret Torvik, David Risley, Joyce Smith, A.F., James and Lois Schoettler, Sue Guldjord, Bob and Penny Prouty, The Campbell Family, John and Kimberly Tilton, Louise Shields, Patricia Peak, Residential Electric Service, Bruce and Betty Harlow, Doris Husby-Pierce, Charles and Margaret Mathisson, Jim’s Auto Wrecking, Robert and Elizabeth Henry, Max Hayslette and Don Sederholm, Mabel Raab, Jeremy, Amber, Alison and Katie, Roger and Marcia Serwold, Thomas and Beverly Stark, Dan and Beth Olsen, Bob and Karen Brooks, Mike Brooks, Garrett Lehmann, Rachel Lehmann, Collin Lehmann, Delaney Lehmann, Hunter Lehmann, Gene and Anne Cook, The Grandy/Syverson Families, John and Darlene Berge, Kelly and Karl Hadley, Hap Decoteau, Michael A. Anderson, Tony and Helen Podominick, Erick and Anne Miller, Dan and Claudia Kilburn, The Petersens, Gordon and Susan Hanson, Jerry and Judith Jurgens, Mary Aitchison, Eileen Walbourn, Earl and Norma Hanson, Warren Rosvold, Helen Strand, Robert Strand, Ardys and Harold Richardson , Nancy Johnson, Jay B. Roof and Margene Smaaladen, John and Barbara Portnanova, Alice Hass, Alma Hass, Priscilla Chapter No. 96 OES Social Club, Glenn and Isabelle Haskin, Bud and Marilyn Good, Edward Forman, Leo Fried and Terry Cowen, Kurt and Jan Peterson, Shirley Tuomi, Jim Henshaw, Arthur and Edna Smaaladen, The Glad family, Women of Vinland Lutheran Church ($100, omitted Dec. 27, 2006), Jim Ray, Mark and Patty Nesby, Kitsap County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2819, Poulsbo Bargaining Unit, Roger Sherrard, E.B., Miles and Elise Haup, Gloria DeYoung, Marilyn and Bill Karr, Daughters of Norway — Nina Grieg Lodge No. 40, Daniel and Kalen Delaney, DE and RJ, Patricia Peak, Robert and Patricia Anderson, Capt. S.J. and Moonyeen Marks, Matthew Thimgan, John Wesley Johnson, P.S., DK and Judith Roupe, Jon and Beth Schneidler, Donna and Clarence Breuer, The Langager Family, Gresham Well Drilling, Inc., Mrs. Stanley Overby, Merit Electric, Inc. of Lynnwood, Kitsap County Association of Realtors, Jodi and Roger Merrifield, John Eastman, B.F. Jennings and family, Sandra Strand, Enid Dempster, Nancy and Earl Hooper, Mike’s Car Wash, George and June Burt, Tom and Patty, Andre Olanie, The Harsh Family, JR Strand, Alvin Schanck and numerous nephews and nieces, patrons of the Poulsbohemian Coffeehouse, Carolynn and Lowell Swearingen, Dale and Sue, Emil and June, Norma Macarthur and all our numerous anonymous donors.