Collaboration in Old Town Silverdale | In Our Opinion

The room on the second floor of Monica’s Waterfront Cafe was buzzing with conversation Nov. 28, the volume level loud as participants made sure questions and answers were heard over a separate coffee klatch discussion taking place at another table.

The topic was an important one: helping motorists navigate, and businesses survive, the ongoing Silverdale Way road improvement project, which will continue through fall 2018.

Kitsap County Commissioner Ed Wolfe, a former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state with ambassador rank, was kiddingly asked, “Which has been easier for you: Working to resolve issues related to the Silverdale Way road improvement project, or negotiating the Pacific Salmon Treaty of 1985?”

His response: “This is more fun.”

Wolfe said he’s impressed by the collaborative spirit of Old Town Silverdale business owners. No discord or rancor, just neighbors working together to identify issues and come up with solutions.

Out of that collaboration: Materials have been developed to promote alternate routes in and out of Old Town. Banners will be placed at four locations. And, businesses are talking about organizing some special events. In addition, there’s a general understanding of the challenges posed to local businesses by the road improvement project.

So, Old Town Silverdale businesses, congratulate yourselves: Your ability to work out issues is on par with those of the parties that negotiated a 1985 treaty between the United States and Canada.

And for those who are looking for great recreational, dining and shopping experiences, take note: Old Town Silverdale is open for business. Our recommendation: Bucklin Hill Road to Bayshore Drive to Washington Avenue.