Bobby Fischer would be proud

The “Game of Kings” in Kingston just seems to be too good an opportunity to pass up.

If Bob Smiley’s vision is realized — and why shouldn’t it be? — a jumbo set will be making its way into Village Green, entertaining and educating residents in North Kitsap on the finer points of the finest sport out there. As chess fans the world over will certainly agree, there is no better test of wits available.

Unlike athletic sports of any type — high school, professional and otherwise — there is no luck involved in a chess win. No good bounces, sun getting in opponents’ eyes, unexpected falls, blown coverages or any of the mishaps and found fortunes that make the games entertaining but uncertain in terms of their final outcomes.

In this respect, chess is pure.

It’s certainly not for everyone but even so, Bob’s making sure that it will be available to everyone in North Kitsap nonetheless. For this, we should all be grateful.

This is an ambitious undertaking as it will help improve not only minds but bodies as well, as players face off, moving 12-pound pieces around the large board in an attempt to best their opponents. This is brilliant Bob. Great stuff and even better that you thought several moves ahead and have already agreed to fund the project’s creation.

And while not everyone will find merit in the board, others will be lining up to play. We envision tournaments, classes, exercises and events throughout the year.

Maybe even a Boris Spassky v. Bobby Fischer rematch. Hard to say but one can dream. We thank you for doing just that and taking a huge step toward making it a reality for the benefit of all.