A stable genius indeed

I am not sure Mr. Driscoll appreciates that Mr. Trump is a very stable genius, the best president in the history of the U.S., who has arrived, in his great and unmatched wisdom, at the decision to let Turkey’s president Erdogan do a bit of ethnic cleansing.

After all, as Mr. Trump so correctly stated, and Mr. Driscoll may not know that, why worry about the Kurds? They did not help us in WWII, they were a no-show during the Normandy invasion. Those cowards.

Of course Mr. Trump’s no-show in Vietnam was due to a severe bone spur.

We also need to give Mr. Trump credit for making public unknown truths, such as President Obama’s corruption, Speaker Pelosi a third rate politician, Ukraine helped Hillary, and former Trump appointed General Mattis is the world’s most-overrated general.

Mr. Trump assured us that the Middle East is a semi-complicated problem that he has very nicely under control. Remember, an incompetent president Obama chased ISIS all over the world for eight years, but Mr. Trump captured ISIS in one month.

Yes, and this amazing outcome in Turkey culminated in the successful bombing of our own military installations by the U.S. air force. There was no time for a yard sale.

Well, according to Mr. Trump, the Turks are very happy, the Kurds are very happy and civilization is very happy.

And, sitting next to president Mattarella from Italy, Mr. Trump announced yet another happy fact to make the Kurds feel happy about their future: there’s is a lot of sand they can play with. So much happiness.

Being the great deal maker, and having only the best for this country in mind, Mr. Trump pulled all troops out of Northern Syria, because these endless wars 7,000 miles away must end, as he promised during the campaign.

Why then, did he send 2,000 soldiers to Saudi Arabia. That’s where Trump’s genius kicks in: money, they agreed to pay us for everything. After all, kings throughout history sold their troops to other kings to fight their wars.

James Behrend,

Bainbridge Island