Samson Longman

September 21, 2003 – August 12, 2019

A connoisseur of exotic foods and foul odors, Samson enjoyed every waterfront and park this side of Washington. A small dog with a BIG attitude, he made many four- and two-legged friends everyplace he went. However these friendships had to be earned as he did not suffer fools lightly. Take the neighbor who came for dinner and did not like dogs. Under the dining table, Samson first untied and then chewed through his shoe laces. Or when he charged a man hitting his dog with a leash at the dog park. Samson loved and cared for his many friends which included longtime retired sitter Jill, new sitter Dana, walker Sarah and special friends Linda and Kai; his true loves Luna and Lily; his longtime friends Dr. Mike and the staff at Woodside; buddies Dr. Ryan and staff at Belltowne; Dr. Kate Finnerty and staff at Summit Hospital. who were able to keep me going for years; and so many others too numerous to list. Samson was a quirky, empathetic, intuitive and intelligent Dachshund who was a true companion to his Mistress. He is deeply missed by his Man, human brothers and sisters, and his adopted canine brother Primo who he had just finally trained to meet his every need. Primo still waits for him to come home every day. Samson, my dear boy, we’ll look forward to meeting again at that Rainbow Bridge.

“Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, Love leaves a memory that no one can steal.”

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