Priscilla Morrison Diehl

March 7, 1934 – May 6, 2019

Priscilla Diehl, a long term Christian Prayer Warrior, went home to be with Jesus on May 6, 2019 at Harrison Hospital in Bremerton, WA, as a result of complications resulting from pneumonia. She is survived by her husband, Paul Diehl, three sons, Eric, Bruce, and Rob, plus six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Priscilla first met her future husband 68 years ago when her family moved to his hometown of Greenville, Maine, in 1951. They were joined in marriage on July 19, 1956, by her father, Reverend John Morrison, a marriage that has lasted nearly 63 years. Priscilla had become a Registered Nurse in Bangor, ME in 1955, but once first son Eric arrived she abandoned her short nursing career in exchange for the noble and important career of Motherhood. Her motherhood career extended not only to family members, but over the years extended also to nearly everyone she met who may have needed a surrogate Mom. The fact that all three sons have become well educated, tax paying, responsible citizens is proof that her new career was successful.

Priscilla was not afraid to step out where others might fear to tread. For instance: When in 1966, Paul proposed to leave his comfortable, well-paying job in the Northeast and move this family of five 3000 miles across the country to start a new engineering business in the Northwest, she did not hesitate long to say “If you believe this is an opportunity that is best for our family, I agree.” Shortly thereafter, the Diehl family moved from New England to Kitsap County, in Washington State. Once settled there, Paul made a respectful living for the next 50 years solving ship propulsion problems, first as a partner in Diehl & Lundgaard until 1980, and thereafter as Diehl Engineering Company. During these many years, Priscilla has continually been the glue that kept this family focused and headed in the right direction and she will be sorely missed as we proceed without her.

Priscilla was not one to be left out of family recreation, and was not one to shy away from adventure. The Diehl family did little for recreation that was not as a complete family, such as skiing, camping, off-road motorcycling, and boating, with Priscilla an active member. Then, as the three boys matured and became more independent, Paul & Priscilla remained a recreational team, enjoying flying their Cessna plane, or cruising in their boat. Bicycles took the place of motorcycles, and they pursued the “rails to trails” biking areas. They both had enjoyed ice skating as teenagers in Maine,. Since ice skating was not generally possible in Kitsap Country, these two bought roller blade skates when those first came on the market, enjoying that sport into their early ‘70’s. Priscilla also joined Paul on several business travel trips, including Singapore and Holland, among many other trips within the US.

The Diehl family started attending Christ Memorial Church in the early 1970’s, and Paul & Priscilla have been long time members since. A memorial service for Priscilla will be held at the same church in Poulsbo WA, although its new name is Gateway Church. This service will meet in its Fellowship Hall on June 21, 2019, starting at 2:00 PM. An online memorial can be seen at