Anna Regina (“Reggie”) Zavon

February 23, 1946 – January 1, 2020

Anna Regina (“Reggie”) Zavon

Reggie was born Anna Regina Seckbach in Chicago, Illinois, and she and her little sister Arlene had many adventures exploring the museums of the city on their own from a ridiculously young age. A bright student raised largely by elderly aunts and Catholic boarding schools, Reggie graduated from high school a year early and headed straight to California. There she married David H. King and they had son David and daughter Gina. Reggie and the children soon moved to Urbana, Illinois with 2nd husband Jack Thomas, and although this marriage was also brief, Urbana proved an excellent place to raise her children supported by a tight-knit community of friends. Mom worked as a hostess at Jumer’s Restaurant at the historic Urbana Lincoln Hotel, a role suited to her friendly nature and good humor.

The family moved to Eugene Oregon in 1980 with 3rd husband Bruce Zavon, then to Bainbridge Island in 1983. Mom loved the Island and the ferry commute to her work at court reporting firms in Seattle. Her commuting group “The Pod” engaged in such antics as lining up along the rail and raising score cards like Olympic judges to rate the captain’s docking performance. Reggie also enjoyed being grandma to sole grandchild Ellie, and was an avid gardener and talented artist to the end, sending lovely hand-illustrated Christmas cards to loved ones just weeks before passing.

Reggie’s network of friends, family, and neighbors meant the world to her and helped her stay in the home she loved in spite of considerable health challenges later in life. She will be dearly missed for her consistent humor and kindness. She is survived by son David King, daughter Gina King and son-in-law Alex Harris, granddaughter Ellie Bosch, sister Arlene Caglione, brother-in-law John Caglione, nephew and niece Chris and Michelle Caglione, honorary daughter Arehn McCarty (and husband Jim), and many close friends including Mary Whitney, Jeff Cardell, and Joshua Scott. To share memories or request information about her memorial gathering, please e-mail

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