The Dos and Don’ts of pot in Washington state | Northwest Chronicle

• What to do:

Purchase cannabis in a legal pot shop

Learn about cannabis indica and sativa

Consume cannabis in a private location

Ask ahead whether hotels have cannabis smoking rooms or areas

• What not to do:

Do not consume cannabis and drive

Do not forget to have your ID when visiting cannabis shops

Do not cross state lines with cannabis

Do not consume cannabis in public areas

Do not bring cannabis into federal property including parks, airports or buildings

Do not forget to buy a lighter

Did you know?

* A low THC, high CBC strain called Charlotte’s Web is named for a young girl, who after being treated with cannabis, experienced a reduction in seizures from 300 a week to around four a month.

* Cannabis indica L. originates from central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, in areas such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, Tibet and Nepal.

* Cannabis sativa L. generally originates from the equatorial regions of the world such as Thailand, southern India, Jamaica and Mexico.

* Cannabis indica is usually classified as a “stone,” meaning that it is centered on the body. It enhances the physical sensations such as taste, touch and sound. It tends to relax.

* Those who use sativa usually experience a high that means they are more cerebral, energetic and creative.

* The top five lobbyists against legalizing marijuana are police unions, private prison corporations, the alcohol industry, pharmaceutical corporations and prison guard unions.