The BudTender Cup results are in

The BudTender Cup results are in

Are you looking for the best cannabis in Washington state?

We found it! How do we know it’s the best cannabis in Washington state? We let the professional budtenders in the industry tell us what they like.

Nearly 200 budtenders took part in a recent Budtender Cup competition and told us exactly what they think. Here are the first place strains listed in order with their overall rating on a 1 to 10 scale.

1) Emerald Janes: “White Urkle” 7.55 out of 10

2) High Altitude: “The Truth” 7.06 out of 10

3) Cannaman: “UW” 6.85 out of 10

4) Emerald Evolution: “Head Cheese” 6.68 out of 10

5) Puffin Farms: “Silver Bubble” 6.56 out of 10

6) Dutch Brothers: “Seattle Cough” 6.3 out of 10

And a bit more on each:

• Emerald Janes — White Urkle is a beautiful, trichome laden bud inside and out of the package, with a seemingly perfect cure leaving the flower barely sticky to touch and well dried so the cherry stays hot. The pungent aroma of a piney hash covered fruit that fills the room upon opening the bag is further emphasized in the back of your palate after a few puffs of this well executed crop of a genetic masterpiece from OG Raskal Genetics. The heavy yet smooth smoke will knock you upside the head with a mellow and muddying, yet pleasant, high a few minutes after you put down the joint or pipe; accompanied by instantaneous full body relaxation. Overall this very potent bud gets a recommendation and two thumbs up from me as a recreational experience that would double perfectly as a pain reliever and an appetite enhancer for any medical smoker.

Review by MJ’s Pot Shop, Pullman, Budtender: Nathaniel

• High Altitude — The Truth: Very nice deep flavor. Really beautiful purple buds when ground up. Fantastic high. Very great product.

By: Cannabis and Glass, Spokane, Budtender: Joshua

• Cannaman — UW by Cannaman Farms is captivating when first opened and viewed outside of the stylish packaging – featuring a high tiki-man holding a sun and a moon. UW smells of earthy lemon citrus and is a very bright green trailing off into a white cover of trichomes. Although the buds are not dense, they are very sticky and glisten boldly with just the light of the room. When experienced the high slowly works its way through your entire body, relaxing you completely while simultaneously putting a big smile on your face with slight uplifting cerebral effects. This would be the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a blissful and relaxing evening.

By: Altitude, Prosser, Budtender: Carson

• Emerald Evolution — Head Cheese: My preferred method of smoking is through a water pipe, and this stuff tasted amazing through my medium-sized rig!

A definite cheese flavor, similar to an Imperial Super Cheese I’d tried recently. Medium to sharp cheddar aromas, with maybe a traditional Dutch Treat in there too. It was a nice, creeping high, really kicking into a medium to heavy body high at about 15-20 minutes.

I would chalk this up to a 65/35 Indica dominant stone, in feeling and effect, maybe not so much by genetics. Definitely some killer buds! I’m eager to see what else these growers come up with.

By: A Bud & Leaf, Olympia, Budtender: Troy

• Puffin Farms — Silver Bubble: This smooth smoking, Northern Lights descendant truly lived up to the hype it’s received over the years in its native country, the Netherlands. A beautiful, sweet-skunky bud caked in

crystals reeking of lemon always goes down nicely; especially when Puffin Farms locked in a perfect cure giving the smoker hardly any cough at all. The strong flavor profile of sweet citrus-skunk is accompanied by a fast acting body high and clear headed cerebral experience of euphoria.

By: MJ’s Pot Shop, Pullman, Budtender: Nathaniel

• Dutch Brothers — Seattle Cough: This strain obliterated me. One of the most potent strains of flower I have ever had.

By: Bud Hut, Everett, Budtender: Nate