Woman’s tattoos lead to arrest in stolen car case

A 42-year-old woman and transient in Bremerton was arrested Nov. 3 on suspicion of hit and run and possession of a stolen vehicle.

The woman’s tattoos helped identify her as the culprit. Bail was set at $50,500.

The woman reportedly hit another vehicle in the TJ Maxx parking lot in Silverdale, causing about $1,000 in damage.

When Bremerton police arrived, one officer pulled out his pistol because it looked like she wanted to drive off in the Ford Escape, court records say. The woman ended up being detained but a man ran off and escaped.

“The vehicle was literally filled mostly from the floor to the ceiling with various clothing items and other personal property,” court records say.

When looking for the suspect, officers showed witnesses a photo montage. One immediately poked his finger at photo No. 5 and said, “That’s her, 110%.” Another said she thought it was No. 5, but she could not be positive without seeing the tattoo.

The Escape was originally stolen Oct. 31 in the 2600 block of Terrace Street.

A resident said the suspect likely stole it because a month before she was at the house, and the key to the vehicle went missing. The resident said it wasn’t reported because the name of the suspect was unknown, but she did have tattoos across her upper chest.