Woman punched, man bit, rounds shot at Poulsbo bar

A 21-year-old man from Albuquerque, NM was arrested Oct. 21 after threatening to kill people, punching a woman in the face, biting a man’s hand and firing 14 rounds from a gun in the air before driving away at Envy Bar & Grill in Poulsbo.

The man was arrested near the bar shortly after police were called, court documents say. One of the victims said the man was initially asked to leave due to his behavior but would not cooperate. He started threatening people, and eventually punched a woman and bit a man while being kicked out of the bar.

Witnesses say that’s when the suspect went to his vehicle, pulled out a gun and pointed it at one of the victims. He reportedly said, “I’m going to blow you’re (expletive) head off” before firing several rounds in the air, over the bar and above his head.

Documents say when the suspect pulled the gun out everyone in the bar started taking cover. He eventually got in his car, held the gun out of the window and fired a few more shots in the air before driving away.

Police found 13 shell casings in the parking lot and another one on the vehicle the suspect was driving. A Glock handgun was retrieved from under the driver’s seat.