Woman dies after crash on Kitsap Way

BFD: woman was on her way to a funeral, with family members following in a car behind her

A woman in her mid-50’s died Tuesday around noon after she crashed heading westbound on Kitsap Way just before Highway 3, according to a Bremerton Police Department press release.

Three cars in total were involved in the accident as her vehicle allegedly sideswiped one vehicle and hit the back of another before swerving across five lanes of traffic. According to Bremerton Fire Department Battalion Chief John Payne, the vehicle ended up over a sidewalk on a grassy hill that leads up to the Highway 3 overpass.

The drivers of the two other vehicles involved sustained “minor injuries” and were treated and released at the scene, according to the BPD press release.

The deceased woman was the lone passenger in the car and was on her way to a funeral, according to Payne. The victim’s family members were in a vehicle following behind her and were also on their way to the funeral. The family told Bremerton firefighters that she may have had a medical incident that led to the crash. The cause of the crash is under investigation.