We are community, together

The scene opens with a birds-eye view of a lone runner on a rural road. As you get closer, you see the road is lined with towering Douglas fir trees and jagged snow-covered peaks in the distance. You quickly realize the location is somewhere in the Northwest.

The road turns and a steep coastline comes into view. It’s unmistakably the Puget Sound. The nondescript runner is not so much fast as they are strong and steady. Soon, another runner appears on the road and they match stride. Then another runner and another join. Not a word is spoken. They are perfectly synchronized in their breathing and pace.

Seasons pass as they run on. You start to recognize the runners as your family, friends and neighbors. They are coming from every direction. Fast forward. Hundreds of runners of every age have joined in moving with purpose toward an intentional goal.

The finish line for the Village Green campaign to raise a seemingly insurmountable $9 million and construct a community center to provide a hub of services and activities for North Kitsap families is coming into view. In early December, a local family issued a community challenge grant of $100,000 to help inspire year-end giving to help close the remaining funding gap. It worked — more than $150,000 was raised in the final days of 2017. When we collect all outstanding pledges, we will have less than 1 percent of the goal left to go.

We now know where the finish line is — with one final burst of generosity on April 25 at the second annual Village Green Breakfast we intend to cross the finish line together. We want to see you there.

The race that began with a lone runner is ending with hundreds ready to finish together. In slow motion, the camera does a long pan of faces along Highway 104 as they turn together on Lindvog Road NE in the final stretch. Faint at first, the music comes up – a mix of “Chariots of Fire,” “Rocky” and “We are the Champions.” Go to fade.

TO BE CONTINUED. Be sure to tune in April 25. You are in the credits …

— Daniel Johnson is executive director of the Village Green Foundation. danielrjohnson4@gmail.com.