‘Vote of confidence’ for Netzel; Nimmons also advances

Results from the Aug. 3 primary election are in and for North Kitsap that means the field has narrowed for Village Green Metropolitan Park District commissioners.

Receiving over 72 percent of the vote was incumbent Bob Netzel, who will be facing off against newcomer Ben Nimmons in the general election in November.

“I’m glad people have shown their trust in what the current commissioners are doing, and I appreciate it. It’s a good vote of confidence for all of us,” Netzel said.

Nimmons came in with just over 20 percent of the vote and says he plans to spend more time at the Village Green learning more about it and where improvements can be made heading into the general election.

“I will … learn more about what day to day activities they provide, what kinds of activities and resources they want to provide but aren’t, and see what I can learn about the dependencies, constraints and costs of delivering the programs that they have versus the programs and expansions that they want to provide. In general, try to learn about how that office works and what benefits it’s currently providing, and what benefits it could provide,” Nimmons said.