Volunteers tackle library painting

EDS staffers put a fine coat on new library basement.

“POULSBO – When plans to renovate the Kitsap Regional Library in Poulsbo were approved last November, community support was pledged in such great numbers that promoters were quite happily taken off guard. As the project continued, and money for the arts and building completion fund were gathered in quantity, there was never really too much concern as to whether or not promises made a year ago this week would be kept. Why would there be? With so many civic-minded groups in the city getting the community behind projects which benefit the region as a whole, follow-through is never much of a problem. When EDS pledged to paint the basement of the Lincoln Road site, there was a collective sigh at city hall. Officials there knew the job would be done. Crews from the local technology firm arrived at the basement Thursday afternoon, preparing the spacious area for Friday’s lengthy painting session. Despite being covered from head to toe in excess spray, the EDS volunteers were all smiles and enjoying their chance to give back to the community. Wearing coveralls, masks and hats, the small group spent the two-day stint using donated sprayers to cover the basement’s vast walls and ceilings. This project is really helping us meet one of our goals which is community outreach, explained Judy McClease, group spokeswoman. EDS volunteered for the task as part of its Global Volunteer Day. The painting, according to McClease, is actually the first of two phases at the library. The second will be moving in over 30,000 books to the shelves in the building’s main floor. Instead of viewing the two laborious projects as work though, EDS crews are seeing them as a chance to better Poulsbo. This is a great opportunity to impact the entire community, McClease said. The library will be used by the young and old, the rich and the poor – everyone. EDS got a helping hand from city engineer John Stephenson, Mayor Donna Jean Bruce, Mike Coe and received donated paint sprayers from Judkins Drywall of Silverdale, Morris James of Hadlock Building Supply in Port Townsend and Angelo Piscatello as well. “