VFW vet asking for donations at your door? Don’t give it

PORT ORCHARD — You hear a knock at the door. You open it and find a friendly man on your doorstep. It’s a veteran from the VFW asking for your kind help in donating money so the organization can ship packages overseas to servicemen and women.

When you decline the solicitation, the man turns insistent, shaming you for not supporting veterans. When no money is forthcoming, he quickly departs.

Are VFW representatives going door-to-door for donations? Not on your life, said Ted Streete, Port Orchard’s VFW Post 2669 commander.

He confirmed with the Port Orchard Police that the VFW’s national organization has a nationwide policy prohibiting door-to-door solicitation. He also said this “veteran” who canvassed the Cedar Heights area is not with the VFW in any capacity.

The police department is emphasizing to residents that solicitation without a city approved license is illegal. said Cmdr. Dale Schuster, the department’s spokesman.

“If you believe a solicitation scam has occurred but is not actively happening, you can submit an online police report at your convenience by going to the Port Orchard Police Department website and following the link for online reporting,” he added.

Don’t let this scammer sully the reputation of the VFW. Streete said if citizens would like to make a donation to the VFW Post 2669, they are welcome to go directly to the post headquarters at 3100 Mile Hill Dr., Port Orchard, and arrange a donation.

If you suspect someone is actively running a solicitation scam in your neighborhood, you can call 911 and report it to the on-duty police officer for investigation.