‘Travel warning’ issued for Bremerton, drivers advised to stay off roads

Mayor Greg Wheeler requests no driving “unless absolutely necessary” over the next 24 hours.

BREMERTON – The city issued a ‘travel warning’ on Monday afternoon advising all drivers to stay off the roads unless “absolutely necessary” through Tuesday evening.

The warning was issued at 4:17 p.m. from Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler’s office.

“Weather predictions remain uncertain for the Bremerton area. However, weather reports indicate several scenarios, including continued snow accumulations, snow and rain mix or snow and ice conditions by Tuesday evening,”the statement reads.

Snow accumulations of a foot or more in Bremerton have already closed area schools and government offices on Tuesday, with snow continuing to fall Monday afternoon.

The National Weather Service forecasted more precipitation on Tuesday which may turn “showery” as temperatures drop.

“Where changeover from snow to rain occurs, roads will likely become a slushy mess,” an NWS notice states.

The Bremerton Mayor said “roadways could become extremely difficult to travel” with “large accumulations of snow on roads, possible standing water on streets with risks of urban flooding due to rain, or ice on roadways.”

“We need residents to stay off the roads or limit driving unless absolutely necessary over the next 24 hours to help ensure their safety,” the notice reads.