The Eagles host pro wrestling night Feb. 25

By Sara Miller

Kitsap News Group

The Port Orchard Eagles and the Pacific Wrestling Federation are hosting “Pro Wrestling Returns” at the Eagles Club in Port Orchard at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25.

The second of a monthly installment will feature several hometown wrestlers, food and family entertainment for all to come and take part.

“It’s a monthly event we started in January,” Randy Taylor said.

Taylor is a member of the Port Orchard Eagles, a former professional wrestler and the promoter of the event.

He’s been in the wrestling business for 33 years. And being a lifelong Kitsap County resident, he’s dreamt of giving back to his community and providing a new kind of entertainment for Kitsap.

“I do it for the love of the business,” he said. “I have a passion for this business. I come here to put on an entertaining show for you so you want to come back next month and the month after.”

The events are held the last Saturday of every month through May when they’ll get a new slot to incorporate some outside wrestling matches. It’s open to the public with a donation admission. All the money raised with January’s earnings are going to help 11-year-old Jack Hughes “pin cancer.” In January, about $900 was raised.

During the show, 16 wrestlers — several with ties to Kitsap County — will compete. Advertised matches are Mark “The Chef” Ferguson v. Sonny O’Mara; the rematch of Randy “The Pimp” Taylor v. Bruiser Joe; and matches including Paul Preston, Dave Turner and Tommy Lawless.

“I’m always rotating wrestlers so it’s new every time,” Taylor said. “I use local guys as opposed to flying in stars because fans don’t get a chance to get behind those people. My people here have a fan base already in the area, and they draw from that.”

Taylor, 58, works as a certified nurse’s assistant when he isn’t at the gym or promoting events. After attending West High School in Bremerton, he moved to Port Orchard and has been here ever since — except when he was on the road for wrestling.

He has always loved the sport since his childhood, watching matches with his dad in Seattle. He knew he wanted to bring that entertainment to Kitsap. When the Eagles reached out to him, he knew it was the right opportunity.

“I’ve been wanting to give back to the community in South Kitsap,” he said “I’ve had my career, and now I’ve been striving to provide a stage for young talent to get out there and tell their stories. Every night it’s different.”

The doors will open at 6 p.m. on Feb. 25 at the Port Orchard Eagles Club, with the show starting at 7. Donations can be made at the door or through Pay Pal on the Pro Wrestling Returns Facebook page. Those who get tickets early can reserve seats in the front three rows.

Burgers, pulled pork, hot dogs, nachos and other “typical wrestling food” will be available.

For more information, visit Pacific Wrestling Federation’s Facebook page or contact Randy Taylor at 360-731-7936.