South Kitsap staffing changes support grade reconfiguration

South Kitsap School District Superintendent Karst Brandsma announced Nov. 2 that Jerry Holsten, South Kitsap High School principal for the past 10 years, will take on the role of principal on special assignment to oversee the implementation of district-wide grade reconfiguration.

Casey Ogan, assistant principal since 2003, will assume the role of acting principal at South Kitsap High School. These two changes will support the grade reconfiguration transition without additional administrative staff, the district said in a news release.

In October, the school board voted unanimously to move forward with district-wide grade reconfiguration to K-5 elementary schools, 6-8 middle schools and a 9-12 high school for the 2017-2018 school year.

“Grade reconfiguration will impact the entire district,” Brandsma said. “Mr. Holsten has years of experience and the expertise required to manage this critical project.”

The first phase of the grade reconfiguration plan started this school year with Burley Glenwood, Sidney Glen and Sunnyslope transitioning to K-5 elementary schools.

Cedar Heights is now a middle school, and ninth-grade students from the Cedar Heights service area now attend South Kitsap High School. As South Kitsap moves forward with phase two of grade reconfiguration to K-5 elementary schools, 6-8 middle schools and the 9-12 high school model, many of the same transition programs will be used across the district. Holsten will oversee activities and hopes to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for all students, staff and families. He will also manage the implementation of a 4×4 course schedule at South Kitsap High School that will offer more course options for students.

For more information on grade reconfiguration, contact the Office of Student Success at 360-874- 7004, or visit the South Kitsap School District website.