Slow ride – take it easy along Front St. Street

"Joe Irwin/Staff Photo The face of Front Street will be changing dramatically in 2002 as crews work to make much-needed improvements to drainage, curbs and sidewalks there. The lengthy process begins next week when surveyors will visit the highly-traveled road. "

“Motorists are asked to watch speeds on Front Street because survey crews will be on site. POULSBO – Motorists are being asked to take their drives along Front Street especially easy until the end of January as surveyors will be on site taking measurements for upcoming improvements to the road. City engineer John Stephenson said about four surveyors from the Environmental and Transportation Company (Entranco) of Bellevue will be on hand beginning Monday. The surveyors won’t have much impact on traffic but we want to make sure everybody stays safe, he explained. We’re asking motorists to keep a sharp eye out for surveyors and drive carefully through the area. The Entranco crew will be taking measurements from Jensen Way to Viking Avenue in order to gather information for the Front Street project in 2002. Next Spring, the highly-traveled route will be getting wider lanes in certain sections, new curbs, gutters, bike lanes and sidewalks as well as better stormwater facilities and safer crosswalks. This is the first evidence of any work on the project, Stephenson said of the surveying. We’re at the very beginning stages of the project, so there’s not a lot of information to share with the public at this stage. As the design begins to take shape we’ll have a lot more information to share with the public, especially businesses and residents along the route. Stephenson said the plan would not warrant the significant widening work of the recent Viking Avenue project, but would include major pavement repair and overlay work. It will restore that section to a nice urban standard, he added, noting that Front Street construction would take about a year to complete. Iverson Street will close next Thursday In an unrelated project, Iverson Street – from Jensen Way to 3rd Avenue – will be closed next Thursday, Jan. 11 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for construction work. “