S’Klallam Tribe to open training, recruitment center in Kingston

Move temporary as Point Market closes

With the recent closure of The Point Market in Kingston, the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe is looking to repurpose the facility into an employment training and recruitment center.

While the market is now closed, the gas station is still available for use. The complex is located at the corner of Highway 104 and Miller Bay Road and is shared with other businesses.

The new center is slated to open next year as the project is still in the permitting process and renovations need to be made, said Eric Croft, chief operating officer of Noo-Kayet Investments, the economic development arm of PGST.

“There’s a large training aspect. It’s going to be a big enough room where we can do anything from CPR classes to table games to slot repair training. We’re out of room everywhere else. We didn’t want to rent a bunch more trailers. Now we got this extra space,” he added.

The repurpose is temporary as the tribe looks to find a permanent home closer to The Point Casino & Hotel in the next few years. “We’re looking to do some additional buildouts to alleviate some of the congestion. We are still seeking input from tribal members to develop a plan that benefits the tribal community while being fiscally responsible,” Croft said.

Once the training and recruitment center finds a permanent location, The Point Market could be revived but other options are being explored, such as a fish market or a tribal member-owned business. “It is a good location for retail,” Croft said. “We’re here to vet them out. If it makes sense and benefits the tribe, we’re all for it.”