SK High hosts a Night of the Arts

South Kitsap High School brought together the ultimate smorgasbord of the arts May 16, celebrating the visual, performance and culinary talents of students in the second annual SK Night of the Arts.

As the performances of the school’s orchestra, choral and actor ensembles filled the air with music and voices, families of students laid eyes on the visual products of SK’s many art classes and programs.

Assistant principal John Malich said: “It shows off the talent that we have here, all across the board. We’re talking painters, drawers, actors, video production—you name it. I believe by showcasing them, we generate a genuine interest.”

Makeshift hallways of sketches and paintings stood next to tables of ceramic work, with the names of the students displayed. A theater room showcased the video production and animation projects of more students.

A smile came across the face of Charlie Horn when he found his contribution, a sketched self-portrait. “I think it’s really nice that more artists can pull in more recognition as opposed to the past,” he said.

The night was a treat not just to the eyes and ears of visitors, but to their mouths as well. Some students dressed to cater did just that, balancing silver trays of bite-sized foods for families to eat as they walked around the commons.

Culinary arts teacher Stephanie Roark said: “We do take a lot of pride in what we put together and making sure it’s beautiful, and we talk a lot about the way food appears. Just the chance to get to make something and to walk around serving it that way is pretty special.”

Malich said the event attracted the interest of past students, so he hopes there will be an appeal for current high schoolers wanting to get artistic in the future.

“Our programs will grow,” he said confidently. “Kids are always looking for electives and clubs to join. This puts a bunch of real choices in front of them.”

Loki Hamilton makes her way through the crowds to serve some appetizing foods.

Loki Hamilton makes her way through the crowds to serve some appetizing foods.