Shots fired at stolen vehicle following civilian-instigated car chase

Pursuer refuses order to halt vehicle chase or meet with police

PORT ORCHARD — Detectives from the Port Orchard Police Department are investigating a Feb. 6 incident in which a civilian reportedly engaged in a car chase throughout the city after confronting the stolen vehicle in the parking lot of a local business.

The pursuer told a Kitsap 911 dispatcher that shots had been fired several minutes into the chase — apparently by the civilian, according to the police department.

After reporting that shots had been fired, the caller became uncooperative and refused to meet with police, according to a news release issued by the Port Orchard Police Department. Police officials said they believe the car chase took place along Bethel Road, Southeast Mile Hill Drive and Lund Avenue before the caller pulled over prior to reaching SR 16.

The next morning, Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office deputies found the stolen vehicle and discovered multiple bullet holes in the car’s body. According to the law enforcement agency, the bullet holes all appear to have been caused by rounds entering the vehicle from the outside. The vehicle is being held for further investigation and additional evidence is expected to be recovered, the news release stated.

The report also stated that officers canvassed the area and did not locate any additional vehicles or buildings that appeared to have been struck by the gunfire.

While acknowledging the rise in crime in the community is frustrating for everyone, Port Orchard Police Chief cautioned members of the community to contact 911 and not pursue potential suspects on their own.

“We encourage everyone to not put themselves and others at risk and let law enforcement, who are trained to do so, investigate and pursue alleged criminal acts,” Brown said in the news release. “This was a wanton disregard for the law and could have resulted in tragedy and death.”

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact the Port Orchard Police Department by contacting 911 or emailing