Scam alert: Night manager gets call from someone posing as company CFO

BREMERTON — The Bremerton Police Department is alerting local businesses to a recent scam attempt.

An unknown caller contacted an evening shift manager of the Cold Stone Creamery advising they were the chief financial officer of Cold Stone and there was going to be an IRS audit of the store, Bremerton Police reported. The caller instructed the shift manager to remove money from the safe, take the money into the office and count it. The caller asked to be advised of the amount as well as the store deposit procedures. The caller stated an IRS agent would be contacting the manager with further instructions, along with a four-digit code of a secure location to take and deposit the money.

The manager thought the call was suspicious and reported it to the police. No money was lost and police are investigating the incident.

Inverstigators ask that anyone who has information about this scam contact the Bremerton Police Department, 360-473-5220.