Round two of Kitsap Battle of the Bands draws younger musicians

Three bands; Eleventy One, Barker Valley Ruckus, and OneSki, all competed for a spot in the finale

The second playoff of the inaugural Kitsap Battle of the Bands competition was held last Saturday at the Manette Saloon in Bremerton and the event was a decidedly a younger affair.

About 80 people were on hand to watch and listen to the three bands vying for a spot in the finale.

“It was a much younger crowd cheering on their friends at this playoff than the first one,” event organizer Frank Portello said. “Crowd participation is one of the criteria that the judges vote on for each band so it is important that the bands bring their friends and family to cheer them on.”

The three bands on display Saturday were Eleventy One, a rock group and the first of two under-18 bands playing for the $4,000 Olympic College Foundation Scholarship; Barker Valley Ruckus, an American blues band competing in the over-18 category for the $4,000 cash prize from Silverdale LoanDepot; and OneSki, a rock/pop/punk band also competing in the over-18 category.

“Chris Perez, the Manette Saloon’s production manager, did a great job with the lighting and sound for the playoff,” Portello said. “This is critical for the bands’ presentation to the audience.”

Eleventy One is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Charlie Near, bass guitarist Becca Rinks, and percussionist, guitarist and vocalist Xander St. Carrell. Barker Valley Ruckus plays Americana music, from ballads and torch songs of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, to blues, jug band, bluegrass and present-day jazz.

OneSki considers themselves an independent band from Bremerton, made up of band members Malachi Best, Sam Hood, Brian Dent, and Kobi Rogers. The band cites some of their influences as Weezer, Panic! At The Disco and Green Day.

“The band discovered each other’s interests in similar styles of music, both playing and listening, and decided they might give it a go,” the group’s website states.

Portello also said there are still only two bands competing for the under-18 category, so both would naturally advance into the finale.

“The way we are judging who goes into the finale is once all the four playoffs are completed, we will tally the score cards and the top three of the 18 bands will be in the finale,” Portello said. “If a band is not available for the playoff, the next highest scoring band will be selected.”

The next playoff competition is slated for Aug. 10 from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. back at the Slippery Pig Brewery, where the first playoff was held. This time, four bands will be on display, which includes The Zoe Moreton Band, Magnacarta, Cliffside Drive and Sailing Camp.

The Zoe Moreton Band is an alternative rock group out of Poulsbo, led by lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Zoe Moreton. Other members include lead guitarist River Gsellman, bassist Logan Hixson, and drummer Duncan Cava Newland-Thompson.

Magnacarta describes themselves as a high energy rock ‘n’ roll band from Kitsap County that formed in 2017. Their lineup consists of vocalist Andrew Shepherd, guitarist Matt Macias, bassist Christopher Posten, and drummer Mike Jacobs.

Cliffside Drive is a three-man pop-punk band out of Gig Harbor. Members are vocalist and guitarist Andrew Wade, vocalist and bassist Damon Nelson, and lead guitarist Gorge Lamphere. No information about the band Sailing Camp was provided ahead of the performance.

The Battle of the Bands finale will take place from 6 to 10 p.m., Sept. 28, at Olympic College in the William D. Harvey Theatre.

Tyler Shuey is a reporter for Kitsap News Group. He can be reached at tshuey@soundpublish

Round two of Kitsap Battle of the Bands draws younger musicians